Rules during the Installation of Synthetic Grass

Look! When it comes to TK Turf are provide you with perfect artificial grass installation by following the most important three steps. The first step is to prepare your property for artificial grass installation. This includes clear your place from small rocks and cutting down the grass. We properly check or ensure that there is no tank or pipes or drainage system than can cause problems for your artificial grass to be dried. Before you get artificial grass installed Bloomingdale this should be clear that there is no underground cabling present over their because if there is any type of underground cabling than we call professionals to handle it because if something happens after you get artificial grass installed Bloomingdale it will be most costly for you and it can also effect the durability of artificial grass if you take it off for any type of maintenance and if u do it by yourself than as a result it will void your warranty protections and if it is done by non-professional than it may damage your utilities. Once the preparation of land is completed than it’s time for the preparation of turf for proper installation. There are many ways to install artificial grass but the way which is most commonly used nowadays is to lay down a layer of turf on the base of properly crushed rocks and then a second layer of synthetic grass is placed on it for making it soft and for a real look and then PVC drainage is installed in it by our professionals. Artificial turf is installed with synthetic grass which makes it maintenance free. Synthetic grass is coming with more colors we know this is a bit expensive thing but this is also a fact that it pays for itself because it makes your place or property more valuable.

Providing Best Drainage system

We leave enough space for drainage system installation that is required during the installation process. We make your sewage or drainage system underground and if any pipe or tube is visible we replace it with new one and replace it to provide you the perfect drainage system because In Bloomingdale we face problems in snowfall as well as heavy rains so proper drainage system is necessary for us because if we compromise on your drainage system it will definitely make you unsatisfied because as we offer you the best installation than how can we do compromise on anything that makes you un-satisfy it’s our duty to let you check everything when you get artificial grass installed Bloomingdale in your property by us.

Rate Our Services Because Our Customer Review Really Matters for TK Turf

Rating our services really matter for us because we think if we are effortless services so we deserve to be rated by you because it will help our clients to hire us and on the other hand if there are any flaws in our services it will help us to improve our self so we hope you get your artificial grass installed by TK Turf.

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