Melting Point of Artificial Grass And Why It Melts

Let me tell you! If you choose best and authorized artificial grass installation company which is providing best quality product than your artificial grass will not melt because authentic companies made a their products with Nylon and polythene or by blending these and these materials have a capability to resist temperature up to 200 Degree Fahrenheit before they melt so this is not even most extreme temperature which has been seen on the sunniest and hottest summer day so this is a reason why there is no risk of a melting of your artificial grass unless you are buying your product from any fake artificial grass company because they make their product from recycle material which has low melting point and can be damaged easily so please stay away from all this and please buy your product from good place and please check its quality before you buy it and if you are thinking to hire any artificial grass installation company than please do your total research on it by talking to their pervious customer and by taking their reviews so that you will not have to face all these problems but if are already facing these problems than let us help you to solve it little bit so our suggestion for you is this that you can install Vinyl siding we know vinyl siding has lower melting point than artificial grass which TK artificial grass & turf  provide you but it is better than that fake artificial grass but this not an ultimate solution of your problem. The ultimate solution is just this that you should buy a quality product from a reputed company.

Is it possible that Window Glare can Burn your Lawn

Here fake artificial can cause damage by window glare we know fake grass looks perfect for months without maintenance but when it got melted from sun glare off window then it seems total loss and as we all know fake grass companies never gives a warranty of their product they only give us check warranty because they know their product will not last for the long time period so As a result, it gives u total loss because it cannot grow back so only ripping it out and replacing it is only an option to make it look a batter otherwise it will look shabby

How to stop the Melting process of fake artificial grass

For stopping window glare melting your artificial grass have to invest more turf guard film for your window because this film texture for window will scatter sunlight unless letting it concentrate on your grass so than your fake artificial grass will stay safe for a little more time and don’t your window work same and also do rejection of UV rays and solar heat and still gives some sunlight to come in your to lighten it but I strongly recommend you unless doing these all things please hire authorized artificial grass installation company to stay away from all these tensions

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