How to Ensure a Great Customer Experience in Office Space

Business is nothing without customers and customer experience is an important part of any type of business and organizations also focusing on that to develop loyal customers and also unlock more business opportunities and sales that ultimately leading to higher profits.

Recent research found that 86 percent of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience. In the top priority for the business in the next five years- customer experience is contributing higher 45.9% followed by product 33.6%, and pricing 20.5%.

By offering customer-friendly office space, a business can easily communicate the brand policy to customers through their first impression and poorly designed office space ultimately ends in a bad impression and also quite difficult to compensate.

Leverage Natural Human Instincts

Colors– Colors of surroundings can change our senses. For example, natural colors like green and blue can improve focus, and warms colors like orange can incite creative and innovative thinking. Therefore, choose the color scheme wisely based on the kind of work that will be done in office space. Don’t only focus on employees, but your customers as well.

Lighting – For the optimal office design, lighting is one of the major factors. Lighting like warm light can be more appeasing and inviting and cooler light can decreases tiredness and encourages collaboration. So, knowing the right kind of lighting to set up an office space can help to entice customer experience.

Movement And Customer Seating Area

The customer seating area should be making them feel comfortable and valued by your business that creates a big impact on customer’s impressions. Make a contributive workplace that fits your company culture. Also, make sure that ensure a design space in terms of style, comfort, and enables to breathing some fresh air is necessary for healthy office space. Complementary benefits like views of television, magazines, tea, and snacks can leave a long-lasting impression.

Keep The Space Clean & Neat

This is the utmost important factor to keep welcome areas and other visible spaces to your customer clean, neat, and organized as much as possible. Because fuddle can quickly create chaos for both employees and customers. Hire separate persons to be in charge of cleaning the office space multiple times a day. Also, office restrooms should always be customer-centric in nature.

Embrace Green

People are naturally inclined to connect with nature. So, make your office space happy and encouraging a positive approach to the environment. Even minute details speak volumes and surprisingly having the plants & greenery paves the way to improve workspaces by reduces the stress, giving calm & relax, and even help to degrade noise levels. In addition to that, having art can enhance the aesthetics of office space, and many organizations also appreciating the benefits of displaying art around the workplace.

Bottom Line

Having a customer-friendly office space reflects sound volume about you as a company and work culture. Also, customer-friendly office design has an impact on satisfaction and output. Even, paying a little extra attention to the customers while walk through your office space could create a drastic difference in terms of a relationship. At Chennai One IT Park, office space has been designed towards both customer and employee-friendly approaches.

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