How to score well in IELTS?


IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is an examination where the English language skills of an applicant is tested based on 4 key aspects and they are writing, speaking, reading and listening. 

One can go for IELTS coaching if they need an expert guidance to prepare for the examination. And if one wants to prepare for the examination on their own, then these are the few things that one has to keep in mind:

 Study vocabulary

English learners are always taught to put words into proper context as closely as possible. This can be practiced well by reading the language frequently. The more words one gets acquainted with, the better their vocabulary will be. When one is reading, they need to pay close attention to words which one does not know. They need to highlight them and learn the meaning of the word and the reason why the word was used in a certain context. Then one needs to learn how to use these words when they are speaking or writing English and this can help them to increase their fluency. One can record expressions, phrases which can be used in different contexts. It is also not necessary to forcefully learn some highly specialised words. Reading magazines, newspapers and websites can be of great help.

Read, read and read

One should buy credible English to English dictionary and keep it handy. They can be used every time when there is a required task to be completed. It is though not necessary to use dictionary all the time but whenever one is facing difficulty to articulate their expressions by using the right words, they can take help of it.

Enhance writing skills

One needs to compose sentence and paragraphs on a regular basis and on different topics. Writing has to be a regular part of English learning skills. When one is writing, they become more confident about the words they use. This makes them more comfortable about their English vocabulary. One needs to practice timed writing to improve their speed and fluency.

Exercise fluency and pronunciation

When it comes to speaking English or even any other language, then it is divided into 3 parts. The areas are a short talk, a structured interview, and also a free interview. In IELTS, one will be asked about 2 to 3 brief concerns on familiar topics and it should be of at least 4 to 5 minutes. In order to ace this part, one needs some constant practices. One has to learn the correct words and their correct pronunciations. In order to increase this fluency, one has to practice talking for a long time sand record that speaking on different topics. Listening to someone speaking fluent and grammatically correct English also helps one to improve a lot.

These are the major things that one needs to consider when they have decided to sit for the IELTS examination. Following them rigidly can help them score well because that is what essential in a competitive examination mode.

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