How To Style Women’s Athletic Tops- A Brief Guide

Activewear and workout clothing has recently grabbed a lot of attention from fashionistas. It is one of the hottest trends, and there’s no surprise to it. After all, who would not like to feel comfortable and look flattering during a workout or even stepping out? Athleisure makes anybody look more appealing and trendy. Plus, hitting the gym in the cute women’s athletic tops and bottoms becomes more flattering. While there is a wide range of pretty activewear and athletic tops, perhaps the most popular is the sports bra. 

Sports bras have always been the ruler of the trends and never failed to impress women. They are comfortable, classy, and appealing. They are more functional than regular bras and offer more uses. They are specifically delved to keep women comfortable and perform every activity without worries. These bras offer a greater impact level, which means you will get greater support. The best part- they are available in so many patterns that you can buy different pieces for different occasions. Wear them in the gym or out on the beach; they work fine. They can even replace women’s bathing suit tops by giving more comfort. 

It can be quite challenging to choose from such a wide range of sports bras. But keep in mind that all you have to do is stick to the purpose, and the rest of this article will tell. Here’s how to get started.

Know Your Fabrics

If you work out every day and sweat a lot, chances are you need a sports bra that is moisture friendly and absorbent. Any sports bra having moisture-wicking properties is excellent for any event. Be it the gym or swimming in the pool, a sports bra is the right option. These can also work as bikini tops if you do not want to do it over-the-top. Get your hands on the athletic tops made with materials like nylon, spandex, poly blends, and polyester. Another excellent fabric to try in sports bras is mesh. It is lightweight, breathable, and has little perforations. It prevents your skin from getting dried or getting rashes. 

How to style them

There is a lot a sports bra can offer. The functions are endless. Wear them as activewear or under a shirt with buttons open or even on the beach! Impressive, isn’t it? Know where you need to go and style the bra accordingly.

Moreover, there is no restriction on designs. Athletic tops are available in a myriad of patterns and designs. It makes them suitable for every look. 

Women love to pair athletic tops over yoga or gym pants. You only need a baggy shrug or shirt over it, and you’ll be ready to go out. Yoga pants with the matching athletic top and a sipper in hand is a go-to look that is undoubtedly flattering. Or pair them up with the swim bottoms to rock the beach look. Athletic tops are pretty much similar to women’s bathing suit tops. Select from a wide range and get yourself the tops that suit all the activities you have in mind. Wait that does not mean that a single athletic top can suit every look. You can even binge-shop for these flattering tops to have each option for every single look. 

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