Rug Maintenance: How To Care For Your Area Rugs

Even though patterned area rugs, especially geometric pattern rugs, are in high demand and currently trending, and you have even tried shopping for them online or at stores. The one reason that you are put off by the thought of actually buying them is that you don’t know what the maintenance of these rugs entails. Yes, all of the rugs require a certain method for their upkeep. 

Note: The very first thing that you should do while intending to purchase a rug is, lift up the rug and look at the label to figure out the instructions that are printed on the rugs. Also, there are different ways to help upkeep the condition of the rug, and it also depends on the placement of your rug – whether they are indoor or outdoor modern pattern rugs


1. Vacuuming
All the indoor based area rugs that you purchase – whether they are patterned area rugs or geometric area rugs or even abstract area rugs, all of them will require the need to be vacuumed. Depending solely on the material of their make and its colour, it might need vacuuming on a daily, weekly or bi-weekly. However, make sure to see the instructions on the rugs to see that frequent vacuuming may not cause a rift or rip on the rug.
Note: Never use a beater bar to vacuum over rugs with fringe as the fringes can easily get caught within the bar, causing them to unravel, giving the rug an unpleasant look. You don’t want that.

2. Rotate your Rug

Over time, the traffic patterns in your home’s begin showing o your area rugs. Eventually causing it to wear out those areas of the rugs that see maximum traffic footprint. Rotating your patterned area rugs and geometric area rugs will allow room for each side to endure equal amounts of wear and tear.

Another reason that you should rotate your area rugs is to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight be the reason for fade in your rug. If the sunlight contact is uneven throughout your area rugs, it will begin to show uneven fade of colour on your rugs, eventually.

You must also see that throughout the year, the sun doesn’t behave the same way in all the sides of the area of exposure. So take into account season and the exposure of the sun during those seasons while making sure to rotate your area rug throughout those times.

3. Rug Pads

Another way to make sure of the upkeep of your area rugs is by trying to increase the lifespan of your area rugs by using rug pads. Rug pads as a barrier between the flooring and your rug, making sure that rug pads endure all the wear and tear rather than the rig or the floor, due to the friction created between them. 


  1. Always ensure that all your outdoor rugs are specifically designed to be used outdoors. 

  2. Shake and ruffle them in order to remove all dirt.

  3. Hose down the rug to clear any other kind of dirt accumulated on it 

  4. Finally, just leave it to air dry. 

These are all the ways to ensure that your rugs whether – patterned area rugs, modern pattern rugs, geometric pattern rug, geometric area rugs – whatever they may be, are maintained in the most appropriate ways rather than be used roughly and are not cared for with the care that they deserve. 

If you have been stopping yourself from purchasing that dream rug of your choice, you no longer have the need to skip it. Now, you can enjoy a fancy looking rug at your home and still maintain it in the best way possible.

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