Kick start your career with Big Data and Hadoop Training in Kolkata

There are significant demand and job prospects for big data and Hadoop in India. Advance your career with big data and Hadoop skills and enjoy a stable career ahead.

The world powered by the internet and smart devices has generated a huge amount of data in the last three years, which is more than the total data ever generated in human history. By predicting and analyzing this data a lot of human problems related to health care, agriculture, finance, and another sector can be resolved. Such predictive future models will make human life easier. This is the reason behind the increasing demand for Big Data and Hadoop courses all over world.

Why Big Data Hadoop course?

• IT companies are aggressively looking forward to hire trained data analysts to handle big data.
• 23000 job vacancies related to big data were reported in Bengaluru, in 2016.
• The demand for Big Data experts is increasing at an alarming rate
• The current supply of experts is very low and skills gap is the major challenge for tech companies.
• More job vacancies are expected by 2020 with the growing demand for Big Data Hadoop experts
• A big data analyst as a fresher earns 8.5 lakhs INR per annum on an average.
• Experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of Apache Hadoop, earn even higher salary package.
• IT professional with Big Data and Hadoop skills certificate get a 250% hike in salary.

The above points indicate that Big Data and Hadoop is the hot career choice. If you are planning to excel in this field, then join big data and Hadoop training in Kolkata.

Learn from the best institute

Want to learn Big Data Hadoop course like professional? Join an IT institute experienced in providing Big Data Hadoop, data science machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other in-demand IT courses.

Join reputed institutes so that you can learn from industry experts and get hands-on experience. Theoretical knowledge is of no use because you need a proof of the skills learned to convince your recruiter for the job. Interactive sessions and practically oriented courses are musts. Make sure your institute allows you to work on real-time projects so that you get a comprehensive understanding of Big Data Hadoop.

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WebTek Labs (Oracle Workforce Development Partner) is the leading IT training institute in Kolkata for more than 10 years. The institute provides high-quality big data and Hadoop training in Kolkata and Delhi. They provide top-notch quality of guidance and 100% placement assistance. The course fee is affordable and batch timings are flexible.

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