Know The Benefits of Low Energy Laser Therapy

Hair fall while you shower, sleep, or style your hair is a nightmare for most of us. While others take it for granted, many, want to find out the root cause.

Other than hereditary which all of us know, there are several other causes for hair loss such as:

  • Excessive use of hair colors, hair sprays, gels, creams, etc. can cause a lot of harm to your hair.
  • Tight hairstyles such as a ponytail or braid.
  • Being rough with your hair while combing, shampooing or conditioning.
  • Thyroid disease.
  • Anorexia and bulimia eating disorder in women.
  • Birth control pills.

Low energy laser therapy, also known as low level laser therapy (LLL), is a treatment that uses non-invasive, pain-free light technology to stimulate hair follicles to regrow thicker and fuller hair. It uses clinical strength laser technology to treat hair loss.

Advantages of LLL therapy:

  • Safe and effective:

Recent studies have shown that this technique was effective even in stimulating hair growth for chemotherapy-induced alopecia and alopecia areata. It is capable of inducing hair growth in both men and women. So it can be concluded that it is both safe and effective.

  • Trustworthy:

The use of laser technology in the medical field is an old talk. It has been proven time and again that laser therapy is capable of doing wonders for humankind. Hence, laser therapy is a trusted treatment.

  • Non-surgical:

Surgeries have always been the last option for doctors. Also, they are not always successful. LLL therapy requires no surgeries and is also pain-free. There are only wavelengths emitted which have an impact on the tissues to generate new healthy tissues and generate new hair.

  • Negative side effects:

As discussed earlier, this technique is cent percent trustworthy and is recommended by specialists as this has no risk factors attached. The only point to ponder upon is a few hair losses in the initial months of the treatment, which is completely normal, and every patient has to go through it.

  • Hair density:

The Low energy laser therapy is helpful both in the long and short run as the effects on individual hair follicles were unknown hitherto. It has been seen that the area treated has thicker and fuller hair along with the surrounding hair.

Once you have decided to go for the low-level laser therapy, you need to find the specialists in the field.

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