Meaning of Blogging

Before we dive into digital marketing, let us know the meaning of blogging and how to use blogging for your business or as a career.

So, if you have no idea about what a blog is, you have come to the right place.


What is Blogging?

Blogging is the art of writing articles on a specific topic on the website published on the world wide web.

What is the Purpose of Blog?

People can start blogging for various reasons like for personal use or business purpose, honestly, it depends what you want! With the help of blogging, new and old businesses can attract the attention of its likely consumers.
So, without doing blogging you won’t be visible on the search engine, because of which you can lose audience/traffic that could be converted.
Hence, the main purpose of blogging, is to the fill the gap between you and your potential consumers.

Terms Used in Meaning of Blogging

In this part, you will get to know what are the terms you should be aware of in blogging.

1-Blog – A webpage updated with content after a specific time period like once in a week or once in a month or whatever it may be it depends on the blogger. Now see the second point to know who is a blogger.

2-Blogger – The person who updates the content on the blog or webpage is called blogger

3-Blogging – The practice of updating the content on the blog or webpage is called blogging.

4- RSS Feed – RSS stands for Rich Site Summary OR Really Simple Syndication.

It is a software that is used to feed or read the content of websites you like through hyperlinks and can access it using this tool.

5- Category – The post you publish in your blog is under a category.

This help users to differentiate your articles from one another.

6- Permalink – It is the URL of page or post/articles you publish in your website.

There are many types of permalink you can choose but the most used is Post Name Permalink.

Other Permalinks are Plain Permalink, Day and Name Permalink, Month and Name Permalink, Numeric Permalink and Custom Structure Permalink.

7- Meta Title and Meta Description – Meta title and meta descriptions are HTML code of a webpage or of a post you published.

The meta title is the title of the webpage and Meta description is the description that we see below the meta title.

8- Plugin – It is a software or a program to fill a specific purpose that is added to your website.

There are thousands of plugins available for each purpose.

9-Sidebar – A sidebar is a menu that contains the information of a website.

You can fix the sidebar in the left or right side of the webpage or blog.

These two are the things that you see on a search engine when you search a specific thing.

10 -Domain and Hosting Provider – These are the companies that give you your domain name (your business domain name) and space which is called hosting to host your website.

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