My First experience with Driftsun Cooler


As an outdoor enthusiast, we know how the lack of right camping gears can make our camping trip nightmarish. Trust me, if you think choosing the right camping gear is easy then you are highly mistaken. When it comes to choosing the equipment, I don’t compromise in this thing and rather make sure to go through the reviews and brand’s website. Whether you are going out for a weekend getaway or sleepover at your friend’s place, the right cooler can prove out to be a turning point in making your experience remarkable. Well, the same went with me a few years back. Heading out on a trip with no camping gears gave me goosebumps and even if I wanted to grab one, the dilemma of deciding what to pick had captured time. After scouring the Internet for the best coolers, I came across driftsun coolers that had really impressed me with the specifications and had generated a lot of positive reviews as well. Well, frankly saying, I was a bit sceptical about the performance of the cooler. I did not know how it is going to perform in the scorching heat of the sun? Will it be able to retain ice or melt it away? Thoughts like this were stuck inside my head and I had to make sure that every penny that I was going to invest in this cooler is actually worth. So, finally, I decided to give it a shot and ordered my first ever driftsun cooler. Well, I was curiously waiting for the opportunity to put this cooler in use and see the outcomes.

So, after a few days, our high-school gang planned a sudden trip to a beach in Texas and I found this to be a really exciting opportunity to unfold all the mysteries associated with cooler. Who knew even the weather would be in my favour and guess what, the day was too hot and the wind felt like it has gone on a strike. Our trip included 2 nights and we had carried all our beers, sandwiches, water bottles. Let me tell you the notable thing about this cooler is that it lets you keep your stuff well organised and you don’t have to spend time finding out what you need. After stuffing the cooler with eatables, it was quite portable and one could easily lift and move the cooler. Thanks to the gorilla grip non-slip feet features that prevent any sort of sliding inside the car or truck. So, after we reached our destination, I opened up the lid of cooler to take the sandwiches since we all were feeling peckish along with beer (that was still cold after the encounter with the hot rays of the sun). Well, that was enough for me to know why the brand has become the leading manufacturer in the cooler industry. Despite being cost-effective, if you think, you would really have to compromise with any specifications, trust me, this luxurious specification can be experienced if you have too much money to splurge. Well, I really don’t care about switching to another brand and I know Driftsun is always there by my side, serving me a chilled beer and great camping experience.


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