Role Of Parents And Teachers In Child’s Education

Though it is usually believed that the teacher is solely responsible for the child’s upbringing and have a greater influence on the success of the child in every educational prospect.

Howbeit, it is not purely accurate to conclude the above fact as the first school a child attends is his home and parents are the first teachers right from the birth of the child.

At the initial stage of growth of the child that usually takes place before the child is old enough to enter school, they inherit various things from their parents and gradually develop their physical, moral, intellectual and emotional values. These values and attitudes assist in developing the child’s moral compass and work as a guiding force to make wise decisions.

The parents should comprehend the fact that no amount of formal education can be compared to the parent’s impact on the child who teaches every day by their words and actions.

Now, when the child is grown enough to join the school, the parents should ensure their child to pre-learn a positive attitude towards the school, respect for teachers and other staff, and a friendly and playful attitude towards other children.

When the child finally steps into the world of school life, is the time when a teacherenters the life of a child. As now forth, the child will spend most of his time of the day at school, the teacher can make a huge change in the child’s attitude. Like parents, teachers have a huge impact on the child’s learning attitude and they can affect the ways the child gains and confronts new things.

A teacher is a personality developer who aims in becoming a good friend of a child in his early school days as at that age they might not entertain anyone shouting at them like a hell. They only understand the language of love.

The teacher is also responsible for how the child lives and work in a group. He is responsible for making the child learn values such as sharing, helping friends, greeting each other and elders, saying thank you and sorry when required, handle mood swings and being humble.

Come what may, these values can be learnt by any child by following a plethora of activities, however, continuous support and encouragement of the teacher is a must. Not every teacher is ready to support the child and help him shape his knowledge and gain values.

Studies have shown that the current education system is more targeted towards money-making than man making. This has lead to the promotion of negative qualities like jealousy, hatred and rivalry rather than positive values like kindness, compassion and honesty.

This is the reason why most of the parents today also preferas the child is guided in front of them and also gets one-to-one attention at the comfort of their home. Often a home tutor had respect for his profession and remarkable quality to love his students unconditionally.

A correct teacher can be a person from whom the child learns his early concepts and social skills. As the child grows and develops mastery in different skills, the teacher becomes a real guide in nurturing his interest and learning to make him more independent.

Hence, it can be concluded that parents and teachers are both responsible for the better growth of the child and his happy learning. Persistent cooperativeness and support can help your child better shape his knowledge and boost confidence level. In a survey, it was found that the students who get good support from home often score well at school.

TheTuitionTeacheris a platform having a gamut of 60,000+ experienced home tutors who are ready to better educate your child. Undoubtedly, open minded, well balanced and a planned teacher has a great potential to bring a positive change in the child’s overall development and encouraging students to excel in academics.

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