Prove that the Ramayana might just be True

Most of you all know that Ramayana is one of the holy books. Which shares the full life story of Lord Ram. Since we were children, we have heard lots of stories on Ramayana and there are also lots of movies there. There are so many popular stories in Ramayan. But the most popular one is when Lord Rama went to Lanka to save Sita from Raavan. In the same way, there are so many other stories that are most loved by people who believe in Ramayan.

But as we know we are in a democratic country and each one has the option to speak about their thoughts and opinions. In the same way, some people are not ready to accept this story and they name this story as fiction or assumption. This same thought person has for Mahabharat, they say or believe that even this is a created story. But after lots of research, there is lots of proof and evidence that proves that. The story of Ramayana is true.

There are more than 12 proofs of Ramayana but I am going to share with you a few. Which will help you to believe the Ramayana story is not just friction or creating stories. All the information or Vedic stories which we read or seen since our child or heard from our elders are true. The proofs which I am going to share above will also be going to prove that and people who don’t believe in Vedic stories of Ramayan and Mahabharat even they will also be going to accept the proof and going to believe in this. So please read the below-shared proof for clarification.

Before we start just FYI (For your Information) in Sri Lanka the palace of Ravana is still there. Which is one of the proofs which you can take as the Ramayana is one of the true stories.

  • Existence of Hanuman Garhi

This (Hanuman Garhi) is a temple which is located in the center of Ayodhya. As we all know Ayodhya is in India and this is the place where Lord Hanuman was patiently waiting for Lord Ram.Vedic Dawn : The Spiritual Reawakening | Hindu History

‘Hanuman Garhi’ is a cavern sanctuary that is receptive to a trip of 76 stages. The way wherein this sanctuary has been cut out is hypnotizing. One needs to take the bent stairwell to arrive at this location that is supposed to be once possessed by Lord Hanuman. Ruler Hanuman was the escort and watchman of Lord Rama during and after his mission against Lanka. If one passes by the legend, Hanuman lived in this cavern and monitored the Janambhoomi or Ramkot. The sanctum contains the sculpture of Mata Anjani holding baby Hanuman on her lap. The actual sculpture is unremarkable and one needs to battle in dull while sorting out the sculpture. The dedicated accept that every one of their desires is allowed with a visit to this blessed holy place.

NASA has additionally delivered proof in accord with this. NASA transport has delivered a picture of the baffling old scaffold that once existed among Indian and Sri Lanka. This is the most as of late found scaffold and is supposed to be 30 km long. This scaffold has been on news since the time everlastingly and an issue of discussion between many outsider scientists. 

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