5 General Symptoms Of PCOD & PCOS You Shouldn’t Ignore

Are you facing irregular periods or witnessing white vaginal discharge? These might be the symptoms of PCOD. These need to be treated at a very early stage as they might lead to cancer.

Ayurvedic treatment for PCOD is the best way to get cures for this issue. Ayurveda helps to get the treatment without any side effects. On the other hand, allopathy medicines often cause other issues during the treatment.

However, there are multiple women who don’t have any idea about the symptoms. In this article, we will discuss some of the following points which will help you know about the symptoms and also the cure.

Ayurvedic medicines also open the option of home remedies for PCOD. one can take ayurvedic medicines along with the right diet and get rid of the issue. Natural ingredients of ayurvedic medicines also help for instant irregular period relief.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome commonly known as PCOS is a condition in which small cysts develop in the ovaries of women. Cyst on ovaries causes excessive hormone production. The hormone, in particular, is an androgen. This conveys male tendencies, internally as well as externally.

These symptoms can differ from person to person. Excessive facial body hair or loss of hair are signs of PCOS issues. Different symptoms of PCOS include feeling sluggish, acne, mood swings, irregular period, etc. You can also undergo weight gain issues when going through PCOS.

Although certain symptoms are not life-threatening, they are remarkably inconvenient. This can be handled easily with ayurvedic treatment for PCOS.

One important issue which people come over is if the PCOS issue can be cured permanently or not? The solution is yes. PCOS treatment in Ayurveda is possible.

Here are the most common symptoms of PCOD / PCOS

Issues With Periods – Missed period, irregular periods or very light periods are one of the major symptoms that shows the issue of PCOD / PCOS.

Male Pattern Baldness – PCOD / PCOS issue often leads to thinning of hair. It occurs generally due to the hormonal changes which take place in the body.

Headache – If you experience headaches and mood swings more often this might indicate the issue of PCOD.

Ace – It is very common when going through the issue of PCOD / PCOS. Acne occurs due to hormonal changes. One must get treatment for this issue as it might lead to the issue of fungal and other bacterial infections.

Weight Gain – Hormonal changes also attract the problem of weight gain. Weight gain then might lead to multiple issues such as piles, blood pressure, etc.

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