Remedies for Happy Marriage Life

Marriage is a blessed bond between two individuals who assure to love and support each other for life long. So, issues in married life can have a bottomless impact on one’s complete well-being. A troubled marriage can disturb each and every part of your life. Although the base of a happiness and peaceful marriage is faith and understanding, but, sometimes the trouble lies in the stars. So, if you are having stable trouble in your married life or there are arguments and disagreements between you and your partner, it could be due to an astrological result. However, sure remedies can make certain you take pleasure in a peaceful married life with your better half. we have word for so many celebrities as my effort is crowned as celebrity tarot card reader in mumbai you can check here. Celebrities also have so many life concerns like us for example career issues, married life and love life issues. They prefer tarot card consulting the most as it is best and also quick way to predict and get answer. Tarot card reading also consist of these remedies as it is important to resolve some issues.  

Astrological Remedies For Cheerful Marriage

A Weak Mars

A weak Mars for example,  Mangal, is one of the causes of disagreement between husband and wife. To make stronger this planet and to be away from problems in marriage suitable to it, individual should chant “Om ang angarakaya namaha” , during the start of Shukla Paksha and make sure you keep a Sandalwood Rosary beads necklace in hand.

Donate Rice or Gram Flour

To assemble more faith between you and your better half and to build up the love, you should donate either gram flour or rice, if possible to the saints, priests, fakirs on each Thursday.

Donate Oil

If there are everyday arguments and disagreements between you and your better half, then you should donate oil every Saturday. Moreover, you must avoid wearing black clothes.

Donate Five Almonds

An valuable way to improve the understanding between you and your better half is to give five almonds to the poor and needy one. Do it every Sunday to get better your relationship. Another cure is to place water brought from a water source at a cemetery and keep it in your safe place or Pooja Ghar.

Help The Disabled

Help the disabled or the handicapped individual as a lot as you can, especially on the day of your wedding anniversary. Try and donate 7 types of grains, one coconut along, food and cloths, some religious books. It will help you get free of all the trouble that is there in your married life.

Chant Mantras

To enhanced the relations with your partner and to get rid of any disagreement or fight, one should chant “Om pram preem proum sah shanaischaraya namah” in the after sunset facing the eastern direction. You can also get these mantra audio through WhatsApp, Click here to get WhatsApp option.

Remedies For People Who Are About To Get Married

There are positive remedies for couples who are engaged or as regards to get married to make sure that no problems ever pick up between the two of them and they take pleasure in a idyllic and successful marriage life.

Plant A Peepal Tree

The future bride and groom must each plant a Peepal tree and irrigate it for 11 days to have a happy future with their partner.

Light A Candle or Lamp On South East Wall

The bride and the groom should light a candle or an clay lamp or diya on the south east wall of their residences. They should do it in the at sun rise  as well as in the sunset to set up happiness and love in their prospect married life.

Do Charity On Day Of Your Marriage

The girl, as well as the boy, should donate 7 types of grains, food and red cloth to 8 girls individually, coconut on the day of their wedding. The couple is blessed and sanctified with love, happiness and luck.

Offer Prayers To Sun

The groom or the bride should worship the Sun every day and faithfully. They should offer water mixed with sugar, rice, roli, red flowers to the lord Surya each morning and pray for a joyful married life.

Get free Of Vaani Dosha

The bride should get rid of Vaani Dosha, if there, entirely before getting married. The most successful remedy that can help one remove the consequence of this dosha is:

Energize a Cowrie Shell by chanting 1008 mantras of Goddess Saraswati and then put on this shell around your neck as a locket, if possible in a silver chain.

It is also recommended to get your Kundalis matched before wedding. Kundali Matching helps the pair know about their love and life compatibility and allows them to cure any dosha, if there. Get your excellent Kundali making and matching from best astrologer in jaipur and also get remedies for some precise problems that are causing difficulty in your marriage, you can also talk to Astrologer.

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