Secure Your Machinery With a Suitable Insurance Policy!


These plants and pieces of machinery work tough in harsh conditions for hours together hence there are various risks associated with damage to their vital parts. Plant and equipment insurance policies protect these major assets of your business from probable loss of damage or repair and replacement costs of plant & machinery. The insurance policies primarily cover for a range of construction Plant and equipment like trucks, compressors, bulldozers, drilling machines, etc require special maintenance and care since they are a major part of a contractor’s investment. equipment such as portable tools, bobcats, and forklifts. Below listed are few conditions in which the machinery insurance policies cover your loss:

  • Policies cover damage to insured plant and equipment in case of occurrence of an accident due to external perils such as fire, riot, accidental damage, burglary, etc.
  • When plant and machinery are at the worksite being dismantled for cleaning or overhauling purposes.
  • Loss due to sudden machinery breakdown due to faulty electrical design, excess voltage, short circuit structural defects, loosening of parts, excessive speed, and lack of lubrication.
  • Covers the current replacement value of insured machinery, plant, and equipment.

Plant & equipment insurance provides solutions for both fixed and mobile equipment as well as indoor or outdoor plant. The protection offered by the insurance policies apply for machines in conditions such as

  • Working
  • Rest
  • Dismantled
  • Relocation
  • Re-assembling
  • Cleaning
  • Inspection
  • Repair

Advantages of Machinery Breakdown Insurance policy:

  • During any mishappening, reimbursement of the amount of the insured machinery and equipment helps the business owner to overcome the loss.
  • It also covers other additional items such as air-freight, customs duty, labor charges, and much more.
  • Some policies also cover detailed electrical, mechanical, and electronic faults that may result in the complete or partial breakdown of the machinery.
  • Coverage of third-party is also included in some plant and equipment insurance policies.


The success of any construction project highly depends on the working condition of the plant & machinery. Even a little damage or physical loss to plant and equipment can cost huge chunks of money. Machinery requires a high amount of investment and insuring such equipment with a suitable policy keeps the contractor’s relaxed as his/her plant & machinery are protected against any damage or physical loss.

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