A founder of the investment company Concorde Capital Igor Mazepa is known to be engaged in frauds in the result of which clients were deceived.

In this article, we are going to talk about how Igor Mazepa, a founder of the investment company Concorde Capital, was robbing Ukrainian investors. Also, you will read about shadow schemes and financial pyramids of the businessman.

Despite the young age of the modern Ukrainian country, there has already been formed quite a significant number of oligarchs. An owner of the investment company Concorde Capital (CC) Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa has gained the reputation of the main participant of big financial scandals, an organizer of frauds and shadow schemes.

 The birth of a financial “genius”

Igor Mazepa was born in Kiev in 1976 in an ordinary family. He spent his childhood and youth in Darnitsa district where his parents are still registered. In 1998, he graduated from the Kiev National Institute of Economics. Before graduation, he got a job at Prospect Investments. Despite the pompous name, the company was engaged in the usual purchase of privatization vouchers. Igor Mazepa’s job was to buy them at the lowest possible price.

He began to earn really large amounts of money only three years later when he turned from an ordinary employee into the managing director of Foyil Securities New Europe. The company was engaged in the same activity as the previous one but at a higher level – buying up the assets of Ukrainian enterprises for foreign investors. The company was owned by an American businessman Dorian Foyle. Mazepa met him in 1998 while working on joint ventures. The ambitious guy tried to convince Foyle to give him a job. But the “friendship” did not last long, in 2002 Foyle dismissed Mazepa being disappointed in the results of his work.

 The success of Concorde Capital

In 2004, Igor Mazepa started his own investment company Concorde Capital. In less than two years, Concord Capital’s total revenue rose to a quarter of a billion dollars.

 The dirty work

Igor Mazepa never hid that he was engaged in acquiring the assets of Ukrainian enterprises for oligarchs. In 2005-2007, his company successfully bought the shares of the Burshtyn TPP, the Donetsk Oblgaz and Ukrtelecom for Rinat Akhmetov, and the shares of PJSC Odessagaz for Sergey Uchitel.

 The collapse of the financial pyramid Mazepa-Krymov

In 2015, the Concorde Capital bought out the Forex Trend company and called for investing in PrivateFX, a successor company. Many former Forex Trend investors trusted the reputation of Igor Mazepa but the clients were deceived. To avoid the rage of investors, Mazepa sold PrivateFX to the offshore company PrimeBroker declaring that the project “did not meet expectations”. According to official data, 25 thousands of PrivateFX clients suffered from Igor Mazepa’s scam. They lost deposits worth more than $20 million.

 Earning money on the DPR and LPR

In 2014, CC bought out the shares of the company OMP-2013 which were partially owned by the Russian payment system Qiwi. After the conflict in the Donbas region, Qiwi transferred money between the occupied territories and Ukraine. The purchase of OMP-2013 shares by Mazepa’s company caused a resonance in the country.

Einancial “Bermuda” of Igor Mazepa

The resourceful businessman founded a subsidiary of Concorde Capital called Concorde Bermuda. It used insider information obtained by hackers and was engaged in speculating with shares of American companies. However, the Americans quickly tracked the fraudulent scheme. Concorde Bermuda was forced to pay 3.4 million dollars.


Despite a lot of negative moments in Igor Mazepa’s reputation, he continues to consider himself a hero of the Ukrainian stock market. Moreover, the businessman was seriously thinking about starting a political career which would give him additional power and strength.

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