Tips from Top Tailors on How to Buy Best Suits that Fit You Perfectly

A suit has been a fashion staple for decades now. A perfectly-fitted suit oozes class and helps earn gentlemanly respect. However, all types of suits aren’t the same. The best suit is made especially for the wearer. Readymade suits cannot be called the best suits in NYC because they don’t fit everyone. When thinking of getting a suit, ensure that you get it crafted from scratch. Look for a tailor to make a bespoke suit for you. 

What is a bespoke suit, and how can you get it? The term ‘bespoke’ is widely abused in the fashion world. Many times, it is linked to readymade clothes. In reality, bespoke clothes are pieces crafted to meet the special requirements of the wearer. For example, the best suit tailor in NYC makes a suit that fits you well. In addition, the expert adds special features to the piece to meet your requirements. 

How is a Bespoke Suit Made

First things first, a bespoke suit isn’t something you can buy at a luxury brand’s store. It is made by an experienced tailor, considering the measurements and special requirements of the wearer. 

It takes time to get a bespoke suit crafted. The process starts with taking your measurements and ends when you wear the suit and find it perfect. A tailor also ensures that the suit’s style, fitting, and features match your requirements. 

How to Get a Bespoke Suit

  • Identify What Do You Need – Suit or Tuxedo

The best suit is one that matches your needs. Identify what kind of suit you require. Should it be a suit or a tux? A suit is a more formal-looking piece, while a tuxedo is a fashionable piece for parties. Learn where you are planning to wear your suit. If you want to wear it regularly for office or meetings, go for a suit. Choose a tux if you want a bespoke suit for special occasions.

  • Learn About Fabrics

Each fabric has its occasion. For example, barathea is an ideal choice for special occasions. On the other hand, cashmere is suitable for winters. Similarly, there are many types of fabrics for suits. Learn about them before choosing one for you. You can also discuss them with your tailor to understand which can be the right option for you. 

  • Find Your Style

Do you want a two-piece or three-piece suit? What type of lapel it should have – peak, notch, or shawl? Should it have one, two, or no vent? What kinds of pants cuffs do you need? Should there be some flap pockets? What types of buttons it must have? Finding answers to these questions will help you understand your style. Also, these answers will help craft a suit that looks like a suit of your dreams. 

  • Talk About Your Special Requirements

If you want something special in your suit, tell a tailor about it. Apart from that, if you are not satisfied with the measurements, speak up and tell the tailor about it. The best suits in NYC are ones that look exactly like people’s dream suits. To get such a piece, it is essential to be honest with your tailor and discuss everything in detail with the expert. 

In the End

Getting a bespoke suit isn’t a complex task, especially when you know where to head. Find a reputed, experienced bespoke tailor near you and discuss your requirements. Get a suit that fits you perfectly! 







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