Top 5 Rules For Wearing Workout Jewelry

Are you confused about wearing your favorite fitness necklace to the gym? If yes, then it’s time to overcome this confusion by following some simple rules. Every woman loves flaunting her jewelry wherever she goes, but carrying jewelry with workout gears becomes difficult. Many women complain about fitness jewelry, becoming a hurdle for them during their workout. Well, if this is the case with you, too, then here are the top five rules that you need to follow while wearing your workout jewelry.

No Rings During Weightlifting

We know you love wearing fitness necklaces and rings but having them on while weightlifting is extremely risky. The first rule says that you should always keep your rings at home on the day of your weight lift training. Having rings on while you weight lift can lead you to a serious injury. It will not only affect your grip and hold on the weights but will also cause a major injury if the weight slips. Wearing rings while weightlifting can also ruin your ring. Make sure you keep them off while weightlifting.

Right Length Of The Necklace Matters

Talking about the fitness necklace, the chain’s length can cause a big problem while working out. For example, if you have a chain on with a pendant, the pendant will start bouncing up and down on your chest while you are on a treadmill. This will tend to cause you a serious injury or can even smack you in the face. So whenever you buy or wear a fitness necklace to the gym, make sure the length of the chain is short so that you can stay safe from unexpected injuries.

Say Yes To Beaded Bracelets

Leather bracelets or beaded bracelets are technically the best workout jewelry one came very own. The fact that leather or beaded bracelets will not get impacted by your body sweat keeps it at the top. Beaded bracelets are tight around the wrist. Therefore there will not be any hindrance during your workout with such amazing fitness jewelry. Whether you are holding on to the last tens of seconds of a plank or 12th push-up, these bracelets will not get in your way.

Avoid Wearing Nickel

When you are working out, you are having a sweat bath. As the metal nickel tends to cause rashes or turns the skin green by coming in contact with sweat, you should avoid wearing nickel jewelry at the gym. Nickel jewelry is quite common these days. You can find it everywhere. Prevention is better than cure. Therefore avoid wearing nickel to cure yourself of the rashes later.

Keep Your Jewelry Clean

Keeping jewelry clean is a difficult task to perform. If you are sure about wearing your favorite fitness necklace to the gym, make sure you wash it on a regular basis. Due to sweat and metal, workout jewelry tends to develop bacteria that causes skin irritation and many other infections. Therefore cleaning your jewelry thoroughly is essential.

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