Unique Design Ideas For Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

The previous year saw a lot of color in the engagement ring designs that were not just unconventional but also attractive to the eyes. A lot of colored gemstones like ruby and emerald made an appearance in the ring designs and along with them people began to like the idea of colored diamonds. This happened because the realm of colored diamonds offered more varieties and possibilities while still being diamonds. Of all the colors, the pink diamonds are now among the most popularly chosen diamonds for engagement rings because the color pink stands for romance and is one of the colors that girls usually love. A diverse range of pink engagement ring designs are available in the market today, but let’s have look at some of the most unique ones among them. 

The classic solitaire ring design: The solitaire engagement ring is classic because it never goes out of fashion. It is one of most preferred ring designs which is simple yet exudes class. Pink diamonds in a classic solitaire design look elegant and ethereal. In spite of being simple, this classic design can be altered in a number of ways to make it unique. Twisting the shank of the ring, using four prongs instead of six, using a textured metal band and altering the cut of the diamond is one of the few ways to make your pink diamond engagement ring stand out from the rest.

The halo ring design: A halo ring design is one in which a central stone is surround by a row of smaller diamonds. It is essentially a solitaire design where the stone is surrounded on all sides with smaller stones which add to the size and sparkle of the central stone. A pink diamond central stone surrounded by small clear diamonds, a clear diamond central stone surrounded by small pink diamonds or a combination of both colors will make for a stunning piece which is unrivaled. The engagement rings in Hatton Garden are available in a variety of pink and clear stone combinations which is sure to leave you impressed.

The pave set ring design: A pave set ring or an eternity ring is a ring which has a continuous line of stones and symbolizes eternal love. Because of its symbolic reason, it is one of the most popular ring designs which can be customized by changing the type and cut of the stones according to your tastes. A continuous line of small pink diamonds look delicate and stylish especially when set in a rose gold band. The pave set ring design can also be made using alternate pink and clear diamonds to achieve a unique look.

Multi stone design: Ever since Prince Harry proposed Meghan Markle with a multitoned engagement ring, these rings have become quite the rage. Any ring containing two or more large stones is a multi-stone ring, a stunning variety of which is available at the Hatton Gardens jewellers. The beauty of a pink diamond engagement ring can be enhanced by adding more stones of the same or different color to it. A central stone flanked by a differently cut stone or an off center placed pink stone along with a different colored stone make the design of the ring unlike any other.

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