Wet carpet what should I do?


If your carpet has been soaked with plumbing, leaking roofs, firefighting or anything else, you must do your best to handle the carpet in a wet area. Even if the water and carpet are dirty, it is highly likely that your priority is to dry the carpet.

If the soil is saturated, removing the carpet completely from the area is the best method to allow the soil to dry underneath.  Never leave the carpet in the wet area lying on the floor for a long time as this will further damage the carpet and the floor surface beneath it.

If possible, bring the carpet to a wooden platform, a concrete patio or even a sidewalk. If you have a squeegee on a long handle, use it to drain the water by pushing in the direction of the pile. If necessary, you can use the back of a heavy garden rake to replace a squeegee. Get as much water as possible from the carpet.

If you cannot place the mat on a flat surface and outdoors, you can use a Shop Vacuum or other wet or dry vacuum, extracting as much water as possible from the mat.

At this point, the mat is still wet but no longer soaked. Finish drying as you can. If time permits, you can dry it in the sun. If you must do this, dry it indoors in a warm room, lifting it up, if necessary, to circulate the air around it. A qualified fan on the carpet will help.

After cleaning or vacuuming, you can now roll the carpet without bending it and leave it standing. As soon as possible, have a professional carpet cleaning company clean the carpet.

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