What do you know about Surrogacy in Ukraine? Also, put some Light on Surrogate Mother Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Since 2002, surrogacy with egg/sperm donation and surrogacy with a surrogate is completely legal under the law in Ukraine. According to the law, there is no right of surrogate and donor over the child, the intended parents are the biological parents of a child born legally.

Surrogacy History in Ukraine

In the late eighties, surrogacy methods were introduced in Ukraine. In 1991, a girl was born in the process of extracorporeal fertilization in Ukraine. After this many clinics for surrogacy open in Ukraine as leihmutter in Ukraine. Many genetic reproductions clinics in Ukraine provide great medical service to individuals who want to become parents and want their healthy baby. They follow the procedure of In Vitro fertilization and transfer of embryos that they fertilize artificially in the laboratory to the recipient from the donor parents. These clinics do not provide any aid and legal advice.

Ukraine Legislation                      

Ukrainian surrogacy laws fully favor the person’s reproductive rights. Intended parents can choose between egg/sperm donation, embryo adoption program, gestational surrogacy, and their combination under law. A written agreement must be made which represents the consent of the surrogate and intended parents. It is regulated by family code as it clearly defines child parents born by the surrogacy and who provided the eggs and sperm. Under the law names of intended parents should be written on the birth certificate from the start of the surrogacy program.

Surrogacy Process in Ukraine

Now it is possible to collect egg/sperm from intended parents and place the embryo in the surrogate uterus by IVF process. Firstly, the donor takes medication to activate her ovaries for multiple egg production and then the eggs are collected. The donor of eggs can be the intended mother or anonymous. Sperm from the father is collected and is used to fertilize the eggs in the lab.

Then, synchronize the ovarian cycle of the recipient and donor mother the recipient is observed under medication such as estradiol to activate the endometrium of the recipient. Blood tests and ultrasounds are used to check the readiness of the endometrium. After the eggs are fertilized within three to five days these eggs are transferred to the uterus of the recipient. This process is done by passing a small catheter with an embryo in the uterus. Diagnose pregnancy if the result is positive maintain it till pregnancy.

 Surrogate Mother Ukraine – trans. leihmutter Ukraine

Surrogate mother plays an important role along with great responsibility throughout pregnancy. This selection must be legal. A leihmutter in Ukraine can be of any age between 18 and thirty-five who have given birth to a healthy baby. A surrogate must experience and understand the medical risks of the pregnancy and birth of a child. The mental and physical condition of the surrogate mother strengthens the chance of the IVF process. She must be emotionally ready for the conception.

Selection of Surrogate in Ukraine

Many clinics and agencies are opened in the Ukraine that provide help to the intended couple in a selection of a surrogate. It is very easy to find a surrogate in Ukraine from hundreds of websites online. First of all, a consent agreement was made between both parties. Then lawyers of both parties sort out all legal matters, payment for checkups, medication, and food, clothes, shelter, and IVF procedure. After the birth child is immediately transferred to the intended parents.

Commercial surrogacy is completely legal in Ukraine. It is legal to use the womb of a woman on rental service in Ukraine but it is prohibited in other countries. The surrogacy procedure is only for those hetero sexual couples who prove they are infertile under law. The complete package costs 30,000$ in Ukraine. A surrogate mother has no right over the child born.

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