Which Benchtop is the Right Choice in 2019?

Every home deserves a beautiful kitchen and its beauty lies in its cupboards, flooring and a benchtop. The world kitchen market offers a range of varieties in kitchen slabs. They are now selected on the basis of appearance, safety, durability and maintenance. For a modern style home, modern kitchen slabs are available. Likewise, for getting a rustic look, rustic style kitchen slabs are also available. However, the right choice is depended on multiple factors and among all of them, material plays an important role. Below are some top benchtop materials for 2019.

Sealed Granite

Wishing for all the bells and whistles and your pocket is full, natural stone like granite is an ideal slab. The material is extremely durable and resistant to fire. A granite slab can be a great addition to the home where BBQ parties often take place. It withstands harsh areas where sunlight, oil, heat and big utensils are used. Scratch can possible after sometime but the mark is visible only in light. It needs polish to make the surface non-porous to prevent it from stains. Each piece of slab is unique but available in limited colour options.


Your wish to install a modular kitchen slab can be fulfilled in budget with laminate. A laminate benchtop is easy to take care and install. Since they are lightweight and made of paper, ply or MDF board, installation needs one mason. Thus, it saves installation cost. Laminate slabs are available in different texture and colours. You can access to a laminate slab matching to the kitchen interior. You can choose any style you are after like woodgrains, granite and marble. It is hard to guess the material of the slab. In comparison to stone slabs, laminate is much more susceptible to damage, heat and abrasion. It doesn’t go long. It can last in 10 years. Laminate is non-porous, so it doesn’t get stain. Cleaning is also easy. You will have to care the product from heat and sharp objects.


Though it is a new option in the market, its popularity is increasing. Urban elites would like to enhance their kitchen style with porcelain. The hefty price tag of the product had made it a secondary choice after granite when it was launched. Now, its price has dropped and it is believed that it will drop continuously because of the technology advancement manufacturing cost is decreasing year after year. It is lightweight and available in different designs. Porcelain is brittle in nature. Many stonemasons hesitate to install it.

Engineered Stone

In the category of several types of benchtops, engineered stone benchtops NZ have made their mark. They become a hot choice and the best alternative of natural stone because of bunch of advantages. An engineered stone benchtop is easy to maintain. Cleaning takes a few minutes with the help of a damp cloth. Since the product is non-porous, it doesn’t get stain and free from bacteria. The shine of the stone doesn’t go easily. It can last last for more than two decades. Engineered stone is considered one of the best choices for benchtops in 2019.


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