7 Reasons That Make Videos So Powerful For Marketing

We are living in an era where one interesting video can give you huge social media following and enormous business benefits.

No matter whether it is search engine marketing, social media marketing or content marketing, videos have become a vital ingredient for all. Videos are favorite form of content for managers and marketers because they provide the highest ROI and on the other hand users also put them on top in the marketing content list because of their interactivity and easy accessibility.

Just after Google, YouTube has become the second largest search engine for web. This point advocates for itself that you have to keep the video content on priority in your marketing strategy.

Videos is for marketing as what oxygen is for life. Text and image content enjoy their share of importance in marketing but they can never be a replacement of video content. The reasons are many but let’s have a look on these marketing facts –


  • 64% businesses have started using video marketing.
  • By 2020, internet video traffic will account for 81% of all consumer Internet traffic.
  • 500 million hours are watched on YouTube everyday.
  • 95% of the message is retained by the users if they get through a video.
  • 76% marketing managers use video marketing for brand awareness.
  • 74% of users who watched an explainer-video about a product subsequently end up buying it.
  • 155% increase in organic traffic of website is reported by companies.
  • Putting a product explainer video on landing page increases the conversion by 80%.
  • 57% of consumers say that videos helped them to establish trust on brand while making online purchases.
  • You are 53 times more likely show up first on Google if you have a video embedded on your website.

Above stats show how significant and effective video marketing is.

Video marketing is one of the most effective and result giving tool of digital marketing to improve brand awareness, add up to your revenues and drive traffic and sales.

Lets see what are the reasons that makes videos so powerful for marketing-

  1. Videos increase your conversion and sales drastically –
    A landing page with product or service video (explainer video or live action) increases your conversion and sales rate by 80%. This principle works irrespective of anything. Isn’t it so lucrative to put a video on your landing page then?
  2. Videos deliver highest ROI –
    More to add to your marketing strategy, videos deliver the highest ROI on marketing investment. 85% of the businesses says that videos yields a greater ROI as compared to other form of marketing content.
  3. Videos helps to gain customer confidence –
    It is not always possible to give a door to door representation of your product or service hence here comes videos to your aid. They act on behalf of you and give all the necessary information about the product or service to the customer and helps to satisfy the consumer query. Promotional videos build the bond trust between you and the consumer as sometimes the consumer becomes a bit doubtful about his decision to buy the product, here an explainer video or other kind of video plays the part.
  4. Search Engine loves the video content-
    Search engines like Google understand the importance of visual content and its potential to engage the user hence it has made it clear that websites which have videos embedded in their structure have 53 times more chances to show up first in the search results. This looks reliable as owing to another fact that Google owns YouTube therefore optimising videos on YouTube can help you to boost your SERP rankings.
  5. Video marketing is capable of delivering every information to user –
    Sometimes when you happen to have a more technical advanced product or a complex idea, then in such situation conveying the usability and purpose of the product or idea becomes troublesome. Videos can give great help to you as they have both the audio and visual content which delivers the message in more impactful manner. While explaining any complex idea, try to go for animated explainer videos .
  6. Video engages all sort of audience –
    Whether your targeted audience is a bunch of kids or a group of adults or businessmen, everyone loves to watch videos. Because of the entertaining element that’s been woven into the video, every kind of viewer enjoys watching them.
  7. Social media sharing friendly –
    Almost all the social media platforms supports and encourages vivid video types as they bring the user and engages them while watching. Be it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other platform videos have become a lifeline for them without which they might not survive properly. Stats show that 76% of people share the brand videos with their friends if they like the video. Hence sharing videos on social media so easily also account for one of the key factors for awarding them as the most powerful form of marketing content.


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