A Complete Guide on Making Rugs as Wall Art Decor Items

A rug is nothing less than a style statement for every home. One can use this remarkable home decor piece as wall art to change the appearance of the room. You can hang a rug just above the bed, behind the sofa and entertainment table. It is all your choice.

Some Top Wall Decor Rugs

When it comes to keeping rugs as a wall decor item, the first thing comes in mind is which is the best rug to hang. The home improvement market offers a range of designer rugs. You can choose an oriental rug which is best known for its craftsmanship. Oriental rugs featuring flower motifs and artwork of any specific area can be an excellent choice for wall hanging. Oriental rugs in silk fabric can be an ideal choice for wall hanging.

If your budget doesn’t allow to go with silk oriental rugs, a cotton rug with a spiral or floral motif can decor your wall. Consider your home interior and choose a well-suitable rug to hang on your wall.

How to Hang Rugs?

Now you know how to choose a wall hanging rugs. The secondary thing you need to consider is how to hang rugs on your wall. Remember, either it is a simple rug or a designer one, it is essential to know the trick of hanging the decor item. You should know the art of hanging like a pro. There are several ways to hang, here we are sharing two popular ways.


Use velcro to hang your rug with perfect finishing. The method is like by many museums and even the textile store. Velcro is well suitable to hang heavy weight rugs without causing damage to the item. It is a tape contains two separate strips to hold an item in its place. These two strips are known as the hook tape and the loop tape. The hook one is a rough part of the Velcro whereas the loop tape is the softer and fuzzy part.

The loop tape is sewn onto the back of the area rug. Muslin cloth can be used along with the loop tape to hang an oriental rug. It will prevent any damage to the rug from velcro tape.

The hook tape should be fixed to the straight piece of wood which should be of the same width of the rug. The wood should be mounted to the wall carefully. Velcro gives excellent support to heavyweight carpets.

Curtain Rods

If you have a small area rug that you want to hang on the wall, hang it with the help of a curtain rod. A heavy curtain casing is sewn onto the back of the rug to give the rug tight and firm wall hanging look. The rod should be sturdy enough to bear the weight of the rug. While hanging, confirm the alignment. It should be tilted from one side. No matter whatever the method of hanging a rug you choose, it should give support to the carpet weight. Hang it in a safe place away from heat and direct sunlight.

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