Bespoke Exhibition Stand: Benefits & Tips for Attractive Booth


Participating in an exhibition or trade show is a perfect way to spread brand awareness and promote your business. But, it is only possible if you design an outstanding exhibition stand. Your potential customers will be disappointed if your exhibition stand is similar to other exhibitors.

The trade show attendees prefer to visit a booth that is different from others. As technology is growing rapidly, therefore, you should leverage it to make your exhibition stand attractive and unique.

The bespoke custom exhibition stands can help you to achieve success in the trade show. Your attractive trade booth will be remembered even after the trade show. If you want to get good value for your money, then it is recommended that you should hire experienced exhibition stand builders. 

They will help you in designing a bespoke exhibition stand to ensure success. Here, in this blog, we will discuss various advantages of the bespoke exhibition stand and also take a look at the construction process of this type of trade booth.


  1. Memorable Booth

If you want to stand out, then a bespoke exhibition stand can help you! The bespoke exhibition stand can immediately grab the attention of trade show attendees and help you to stand out. Usually, attractive and interactive exhibition stands are memorable. 

These exhibition stands leave a good impression on your potential customers. If you invest in a bespoke exhibition stand, then your prospects will remember you and your booth.

  1. Increased Volume Of Traffic

Though different exhibitors have different goals and objectives, there is one common goal for all exhibitions — increase in footfall. All exhibitors want to get a huge volume of booth visitors. 

It is so because the high volume of booth visitors is directly proportional to your success. The best way to increase the volume of traffic inside your exhibition stand is to invest in a bespoke exhibition stand.

The interactive bespoke exhibition stand looks different from other booths on the floor. The intriguing design of your booth will trigger the interests of trade show attendees and they will visit your booth. They would like to know more about your brand and products/services. 

You can represent your brand in your booth design to gain the trust of your prospects. The creative exhibition stand may attract people, but you can build a relationship of trust with your customers when you represent your brand.

  1. Keep Booth Visitors Engaged

It is very difficult to keep your booth visitors engaged for a long time. But, the custom exhibition stand can help you to keep your visitors engaged. If trade show attendees do not find your booth attractive then they will immediately leave your exhibition stand. 

The bespoke exhibition stand has unique product display shelves, attractive layout, perfect lighting fixtures, latest technology gadgets and many more. All these things are capable enough to grab the attention of trade show attendees. 

If your potential customer spends more time inside your booth, then there is a high probability that they will buy your product/services.

Tips To Make Bespoke Exhibition Stand Interactive To Achieve Success:

Once you have decided to invest in a bespoke exhibition stand, then you should know how to use this kind of booth to achieve success. You should implement the below-mentioned tips to make your exhibition stand more interactive:


  • Integrate Latest Technology


It is impossible to achieve your objectives without using the latest technology gadgets inside your exhibition stand. All exhibitors should leverage technology and make their exhibition stand interesting. According to the research, people can retain 95% of messages displayed in a video. 

Also, the interactive screen will keep your booth visitors engaged and provide a seamless experience. You should also bring VR technology gadgets to provide an immersive experience to the booth visitors. People will visit your booth to experience this amazing new technology.


  • Gamification


To get a huge footfall inside your bespoke display stands, you should create an enjoyable atmosphere inside your booth. You can start a quiz session with your booth visitors and announce an attractive award to the winner. 

Make sure the quiz should be based on your brand. Also, you can bring a photo booth so that booth visitors click pictures and upload on their social media account. This is another good way to keep your booth visitors engaged and make your exhibition stand more interactive.


  • Attractive Lighting Fixture


No matter whether you are participating in an outdoor or indoor event, you should not forget to install an attractive lighting fixture. They will help in highlighting the main section of your exhibition stand. Also, they will help in creating a welcoming ambiance and create an illuminated space.

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