Best Dome Shelter Tent to Zen Out and Connect Mind Body Soul

Are you planning to hold space to co-create and deepen connection to mind, body, soul for a sacred group retreat? The best dome shelter tent are sustainable, efficient, peaceful, and close to nature which holds the perfect space to host yoga retreats, meditation retreats, or wellness retreats. Geodesic dome shelter tents are eco friendly, off-grid, and energy efficient. The architecture of the dome is a multidimensional pyramid with sacred geometry with a view of the outdoors and nature which creates a peaceful environment where you can raise vibrations collectively and experience unity consciousness.

Create Unique Eco-Retreats

Allow your creativity to activate and charge as you cultivate and manifest the perfect and most ideal retreat space with the many custom options to choose from including skylight roofs, connecting tunnels, round event doors, along with several other functional accessories. Multiple domes may even be connected together to create a whole dome complex.

Connect to Nature

Dome shelter tents features a large bay window and round windows, providing a gorgeous natural surroundings and wide view of the outdoors. Create the perfect space to connect with the elements of nature.

Temperature Qualities

The remarkable geometric structural design of a shelter dome tent makes it convenient to set up during any season or weather conditions. Dome tents have an overhanging truss system which allows for unobstructed air to circulate naturally, accommodating heating and cooling systems keeping the temperature regulated in both extreme cold or hot conditions.


Planetarium domes are designed with impeccable geodesic-engineered durability with interconnected triangles that provide incredible structural strength in comparison to rectangles. It has been proven that triangle structures are double the strength and durability compared to rectangles which have proven to be more unstable and collapsable. Because of its secure structural design, dome tents are known to withstand even the strongest of nature’s extreme forces, such as snow, high winds and earthquakes.


Install your geodesic tent dome anywhere on this beautiful planet! No matter where your retreat is located, dome tents suited to all types of terrain, such as on the beach, in the jungle, or deep in the forest. The dome shelter tent can be conveniently shipped straight to the building site, making the installation quick, simple, and easy. Dome tents can be built as semi-permanent which means you can relocate your dome tent to other retreat center locations and take it with you as you go.


Due to its impeccable and multifunctional design, home domes can be built for many other uses and provide economical retreat housing, create spaces for group activities and can be put to many functional and imaginative uses.

If you are looking to host a wellness retreat in a peaceful setting and feel connected to nature that is eco friendly, cost efficient, and energy sustainable, it is clear that the best dome shelter tent is perfectly aligned with you and all of your needs, desires, and vision to host an eco retreat to provide deep healing, balancing, and peace.

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