Buying Property in India – Interesting Facts About Bhutani Real Estate

Bhutani Real Estate is a relatively new market in India. However, it has already become one of the major players in the Indian property market. Some people compare Bhutani with Bengaluru (also known as Bangalore) Real Estate. But what exactly is the difference? The answer to this question might surprise you!

bhutani real estate

Both these cities are very popular places to live in India. However, the Bengaluru real estate market has already captured most of the hearts and minds of many people. In fact, it has become the hot favourite of people who are looking to relocate to the country. And the same can be said about the Bhutani Real Estate market. This city is slowly catching up with the likes of Bangalore and other major cities in India.

So what are the similarities and differences of these real estate markets? Some people say that both these markets have something to offer to every individual who wants to relocate to India. The major difference between the two is the infrastructure and political setup in the two states.

In Bengaluru, all the important real estate projects of the state are spread out in several thousands of acres of land. In Bhutani, the situation is different. Although the government of this state has enacted the Building of Local Economic Centres (BEC) Act, there are still some issues to be resolved regarding the management of local economic resources in the area. With that being said, Bhutani still has the potential to become the next big thing in terms of real estate investment in India.

Infrastructure wise, both of these states have the latest forms of technology that are used for constructing various forms of constructions. Most of the states in India have good and modern highways and railways that connect all the major cities of the country. However, most of these are still in their developmental phase. One major difference between the scenario of Bhutani and Bengaluru is that the political and the financial infrastructure of Bengaluru are much better than that of the state of Bhutani.

Another major difference between the two markets is that real estate in Bengaluru has seen a lot of boom in the last two years. All the major developers are making a name for themselves in the industry of real estate. The main reason behind this is the availability of cheap labor force. People from other states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu have migrated to Bengaluru in large numbers. Also the rental yield and the appreciation value of the properties have shot up in Bengaluru, resulting in a considerable rise in the price of properties.

There are several upcoming real estate investments in and around Bengaluru. These include flats, villas, bungalows, row houses, mansions, etc. To buy such real estate in and around Bengaluru, it is essential to do proper research. Consulting the local agents is also a good idea. One can get an idea about the locality, the amenities available at the location, and about the future prices of the properties.

Before making any big investment, it is important to analyse the feasibility of the project. A thorough market analysis will tell you about the demand and supply conditions prevailing in the city. If you are planning to build a residential complex like a villa or a row house on your own, then you must consult the experienced builders of the state. By doing so, you can save a lot of money on the construction and save a lot of time and energy on your part.


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