Custom Seat Covers: Leatherette vs. Camo

So, you’ve decided to purchase custom seat covers for your truck, eh? Excellent choice! Now, all that is left is the daunting task of selecting the fabric to suit your needs. This guide looks into two of the top choices for truck owners out there: Camo Truck seat covers and Leatherette Seat covers. What do you use your truck for the most? Answering this will provide a base to gauge which fabric is best suited. Additionally, it’ll augment your focus on style, comfort, and protection.

  • Leatherette seat covers

Leatherette seat covers are popular among interior conservationists. For those who wish to protect the original design and upholstery then leatherette covers are best. Made for comfort, visual aesthetics, and durability, leatherette covers are resistant to damage. Moreover, they are breathable and resist mildew and mold growth. Albeit being a leather imitation, it is less expensive and very easy to clean. Additionally, leatherette seat covers are easy to install and come in a variety of colors. Leatherette is also resistant to water and UV rays. These are ideal seat covers for your truck.

These are good reasons to choose leatherette seat covers:

  • Leatherette is luxurious. Giving your truck the luxury feel and look can set you apart from other truck owners.
  • Leatherette custom-fit covers have a factory-look finish. 
  • Leatherette seat covers increase the value of your car when you decide to resale it.
  • Contrary to popular belief, leatherette lasts longer just like actual leather.

Camouflage (Camo) Seat Covers

Are you gearing up for an outdoor truck experience? Why don’t you complete the look with custom installed camo seat covers? Camo covers is one of the styling trends introduced at the turn of the millennia. If you’re a fan of outdoor activities or simply wish to “militarize” the interior of your truck, camo seat covers are for you. The fabric is crafted from a canvas-like fabric and can be made stylish and durable. Camo can be designed in numerous ways i.e., hunter/sportsman, military, retro-look, and even digital camo.With the camo forest look seat covers you will feel like you have stepped into nature which makes the camo seat covers the number one pick by nature lovers. Also, camo seat covers provide heavy duty protection to your seats and the best of comfort.  

Bottom Line…

If you are looking for luxurious appeal and everyday use, then leatherette would suit you well. A fan of the outdoor and off-road experience will get more out of camo customization. Don’t settle for universal fit truck seat covers. Choose custom-fit interior truck seat covers and enjoy the glove-like fit. Both Leatherette & Camo seat covers provides the best of comfort and durability & enhance the looks of your truck interiors. Make sure you pick the right brand who provides the best quality at an affordable price, coz that will make a difference. And by picking the right seat cover for your truck, you will enjoy the long rides. Also, don’t forget additional interior protection with sunshades, and always wear your seatbelt when driving!

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