Digital Marketing Strategies for FMCG Business

In fmcg online marketing you have to implement multiple digital marketing strategies to stay ahead of the cut-throat competition in the market

Let’s unfold some of the highly rated digital marketing for fmcg companies strategies:

1. Social Media Marketing

You can make use of different digital Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, twitter

2. Ecommerce Website

You can sell your products by listing them over ecommerce website

3. Influencer Marketing

Market your brand with the help of influencers

Unlike traditional marketing, wherein the entire marketing for FMCG was centered around product promotion only, digital marketing aims at creating content that delivers value to the audience base. Remember, promotions fetch you buyers but value-oriented contents give you a customer base with a sense of affinity towards the brand.

Creating SEO friendly content is another inseparable part of FMCG digital marketing as in a longer run, it helps you outrank all your competitors on search engines thereby cutting short your ad expenditures.

Strengthen your presence across social media platforms:

That which is visible sells!” Social media platforms are undoubtedly the ones whose potential can be harnessed to meet this motive. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram not only can be utilized to reach a precisely targeted audience but can also be deployed in an optimum manner to give wings to your brand awareness campaigns.

By creating engaging contents for example polls, you allow your audience to subconsciously connect with your brand.

Videos being the most consumed form of content to which platforms like youtube stand testimonial, creating and delivering contents in video format will take your brand awareness and ROI to a whole different level.

Influencer marketing is by far the most quick-climb approach to kick start sales and brand awareness right away. It offers you an instant breakthrough into a huge number of followers who would easily trust the words of the influencer when he recommends your brand.

It might surprise you but not many FMCG marketers sell their products online. Though you can come across FMCG advertisements on social media platforms but not necessarily they will guide you to their e-commerce portals. Most of the time their motive is to boost or promote their in-store purchases only.

Getting started with ecommerce websites as an FMCG marketer enables you to break the geographical barriers and generate sales through distant locations.

One of the boons of digital marketing that befalls on the marketer is that he can track every aspect of his marketing strategies. It is extremely difficult for FMCG brands to arrive at a definite ROI on the amount spent over big hoardings, TV commercials, print ads etcetera.

When it comes to digital marketing, analytics tools lay down entire statistics on your desk. From Impressions to clicks per cost to conversions, nothing is hidden from you. It also equips you with techniques to find out the specific ads that brought you more conversions so that you can plan your future marketing strategies accordingly.


A unique fmcg strategy involves a indepth understanding of your product, audience whom you can convert into potential buyers and USP. Once the audience persona is with you, you are ready to hit the market and acquire your customer’s mobile or laptop. If you feel that this blog was helpful for you and please mention your views in the comment section below

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