Everything About Your Standard Cup of Masala Tea Using Wholesale Spices

Summer, autumn, winter or spring – regardless of what season you may be going through right now, in your area – tea is the one constant beverage for many across Australia. With a growing number of tea lovers in Australia, sipping a good piping hot tea in the day makes one feel bright and refreshed. The go to tea variants for most people are black tea, green teas or the traditional masala tea, among all the various types of teas available to choose from, all of which come with plenty of benefits. Not only is tea a perfect blend of taste and health, but the use of wholesale spices in Australian tea can make one feel hot from within. 

Sure, green tea is famously loaded with antioxidants, polyphenols, and flavonoids that essentially aid in boosting the body’s immunity. Black tea, on the other hand, has a distinctly strong caffeine flavour, which helps one to feel energised to go about doing one’s tasks on time. Adding bulk spices bought wholesale in your tea could essentially help you conquer yourself, your moods and rejuvenate your exhaustion right away. 

Masala chai can just about soothe any chai-lovers hectic day or calm the morning rush in every day’s work. 

Even though the origins of masala tea is not known completely, it was known to be popularised during the British Era in India. The British used Indian land to cultivate tea and then trade them across the world for profit. Over many years of growing tea in India, they may have come up with a soothing condition of wholesale spices that could be used in making a strong kadak chai. Drinking string and delicious masala chai can help one to reap the benefits of drinking it. 


The Various Health Benefits of Masala Chai Made Using the Wholesale spices supplier’s stock:


  • Aids in Digestion – Just as many similar warm concoctions, masala chai has excellent properties that help in the regulation of the digestive system, keeping the gut feeling healthy. The ginger and black pepper used is also responsible for helping produce digestive enzymes that play catalysts to speed up the process of digestion. 
  • Relieves Aches and Pain – The use of spices such as cloves and ginger in the making of a masala chai tends to contain anti-inflammatory properties that aids in relieving severe pains experienced by one. Drinking tea increases the circulation of oxygen-rich blood cells to areas that experience severe aches and then eases aways those inflammations to make one feel calmer. 
  • Improves Heart Health – Studies have shown that cinnamon is a hearty ingredient present in making masala chai. It helps in lowering the bad cholesterol and even lowers down the blood pressure. This improves overall heart health. 

These are the benefits of drinking tea using wholesale spices in Australia. Make sure to buy bulk if you are trying to get a head start on your tea business or planning to stock up your office with tea for all employees. Happy Drinking! 

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