Seven Great lead generation ideas for accountants, accounting firms, and CPAs

For a firm to grow, it is necessary for it to be able to source for clients. Clients could come through adverts put out, pitching, or even referrals. However, to scale your firm, more prospects are needed and this is where lead generation comes in. Lead generation is the process of attracting prospects and converting them into customers that purchase your products and services. The more clients you have, the faster your firm can grow.

Below, we will take a look at seven online and offline methods that lead generation companies for accountants can use to generate leads that will help grow your firm.

  • Landing pages

This is an online lead generation method that makes use of a dedicated page, usually the first page a prospect visits (or is directed to) on a website that is focused on a specific offer and is designed to accomplish a definite goal like getting the page visitor to book a consultation, download an eBook, or even make a purchase.

  • Unique Value Proposition

This is a method of positioning the firm as an accounting firm that provides unique value and caters to a specific clientele, like providing services primarily for FMCG companies. Unique value proposition is important because there are thousands of accounting firms that offer similar services. With a special value proposition, your firm will stand out among them all and attract only the clients you want.

  • Call to Action (CTA)

This simply refers to asking a webpage visitor to take a specific action like signing up for a newsletter or placing a call through to your firm. Without a CTA, a prospect is likely not to know what next to do and you risk losing a potential client.

  • Social Proof

Lead generation companies for accountants should be able to provide elements of social proof so compelling that prospects realize that your firm is the best for them and they are left with no choice but to patronize your firm. Proof that you have worked with others satisfactorily and you delivered great results for them will go a long way in convincing others to trust you and engage your services.

  • Explainer Videos

These tend to be high converting as they present a visual medium and a simple explanation of your value proposition with it ending with a CTA. Lead generation companies for accountants that employ this method are sure to generate leads in no time.

  • Blog Posts and Social Sharing

By creating quality blog posts consistently, you provide an avenue to engage your audience and attract more readers. They are also given the option to share your posts across a number of social media websites, thereby increasing your reach.

  • Print Adverts and Public Speaking

This is an effective offline method once you are able to determine the demographics of those that read the publication and if they march your target market.

Speaking publicly offers opportunities to reach many potential clients and it could be done either physically or online. You could decide to host an event yourself or speak at one hosted by someone else. As long as your target audience is reached, it’ll do the job quite well.


Lead generation companies for accountants provide many possibilities for lead generation and are able to determine the methods that will be beneficial for your firm. The consistent implementation of a couple of the ideas listed above will yield remarkable results and grow your firm quickly.

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