How Are Sheet Metal Enclosures Fabricated?

Companies that offer metal fabrication in Toronto create a broad range of products. Sometimes, these consist of simple parts used in machinery. Other times, they include enclosures. This particular type of project requires both experience and expertise of structural steel fabricators. Specializing in this area, these precision sheet metal fabricators can produce an enclosure that meets the customer’s specifications and tight tolerances.

As far as the materials used, it all depends on what the customer wants and the purpose of the enclosure. As an example, a trusted source for metal fabrication in Toronto can make one with a base frame, brace, door center, and track made of quality steel. Then, the structural steel fabricators might use aluminum for the door stop and latch.

Starting With an Idea

Whether the customer comes up with an idea for a metal enclosure or works with a team of design experts, the project begins with some basic guidelines. Some of the key factors that precision sheet metal fabricators account for include whether the enclosure will house any hazardous materials or reside in a harsh environment. The goal is to select the type and grade of metal that can withstand high temperatures, moisture, and so on.

Correct Machinery

After selecting the appropriate material, structural steel fabricators determine the correct machinery required for the job. After all, there are several different options, each performing unique functions. One of the most commonly used machines is for computer numerical control (CNC) laser cutting. Although this benefits the fabrication process for smaller enclosures, it’s especially valuable for larger ones. This equipment cuts blanks, which dramatically reduces setup time.

There are also press brakes, which form blanks. With this, precision sheet metal fabricators make the different parts needed for the enclosure. In fact, with the proper equipment, the fabrication company can produce even the most complex components. Welding is another aspect of making steel enclosures. Depending on the design, this would likely entail either TIG or MIG welding.

Metal stamping presses work great for the fabrication of smaller steel enclosures. For this, structural steel fabricators actually stamp the parts. Not only does this automated system speed up the overall process, but it also reduces cost. As a final step, fabricators apply a powder coating. This serves as a protective barrier, which enhances durability and extends the product’s life.

Weight concerns are another aspect of making an enclosure. Ultimately, the finished product must be strong enough to handle the weight of the mounted equipment. For smaller enclosures, the focus shifts to ensuring the finished product can handle all the various design components.

When working with a reputable company that provides metal fabrication in Toronto, it’s important for the customer to consider the potential of needing modifications done at some point. Usually, for an enclosure to perform optimally, it needs slots or holes for output and input. Discussing possible modifications ahead of time will help reduce the possibility of misalignment issues.

Trusting the Best

Weldflow Metal Products ranks among the top companies for steel fabrication in Toronto. Contact us today to discuss your enclosure needs.


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