Kishore Pallapothu’s Commendable Steps To Improve The Lives Of Low Wage Workers .

Most people who come to the United States do so with the hope of being able to live the “American Dream.” This generally includes working in a Fortune 500 company and living the high life that America offers to all its citizens. Most people even make it with a comfortable job in a Blue-Chip company, a house in a posh area and kids in a good American school. Yet not many people learn to widen their vision and help others to attain their dreams. 

Kishore Pallapothu is, however, different. He falls in a league of people who help restore a person’s faith in humanity, kindness and selfless service. Such people know how to use their assets to help others, to uplift them, to give back to society and to enrich other people’s lives. 

Despite being an acknowledged tech guru, a successful angel investor and having worked with the crème de la crème Fortune 500 companies, he never stopped thinking about the poor and the needy. Today he uses the full power of his education and recognition to ensure that no talent remains unexploited due to lack of financial resources. Even when angel investing, he prefers to help young IT entrepreneurs so that they can expand their skills and grow. 

This need to uplift the poor and the needy is also seen in the selfless service that he does for the West Valley Community Services. He works relentlessly to ensure that the poor people of the West Valley, specifically West San Jose, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno and Cupertino, never have to go without food, home and other support services. 

But Kishore Pallapothu was not satisfied doing just this. He knew that these were just temporary measures and not a solution to the poverty these people have to face every day. He, thus, wanted to come up with a more permanent solution. Having worked extensively for the IT industry, he was aware that the IT industry faced a skill shortage with the low-wage earners. He decided to put his in-depth knowledge about IT to good use and come up with a permanent solution that will help eradicate poverty permanently from the lives of some people at least. 

The fact that he had acquired extensive knowledge in the latest advances of the IT industry like Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Mobile and Cloud Infrastructure, Application Security etc., was enough to give him an advantage. He used this to form a non-profit organisation known as SkillWiki. 

Kishore Pallapothu, then, came up with an innovative career enhancement program known as “Invest In Yourself.” This program dealt with the free enhancement of IT skills of low-wage earners. After training the youth based on their inherent talent, he would use his connections in the IT industry thereby providing them with high-tech jobs. In this way, he offered them a chance to live their dreams and improve the financial status of their families. 

Such is the genius of Kishore Pallapothu that he wants no man to be offered support services because they were poor and needy. He wanted to uplift them so they could look after their own lives and offer a good life to their children. Incidentally, he was also offered the ASA Elevate Award in the year 2019 for this career enhancement program.

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