Melange Yarn – Eco-Friendly Yarn That Is in Huge Demand in the Textile Industry

With the growth of the textile industry, eco-friendly yarns are also one of the trending products across the globe. However, there are plenty of options when it comes to the classification of yarns that are designed with regenerated fibres. At the same time, if you are planning to start up some hosiery business, then things can become overwhelming for you. Apart from all the options, today we are here with an introduction of melange yarn, which is highly in demand these days. So, let’s get started then. 

The term melange is typically used for yarns that are produced by the amalgamation of two fibres of the same type. Generally, it can be classified into two categories:

A non-blended yarn is created with a blend of different fibres in a definite fixed ratio. The most common example of the same is the Polyester Cotton Blend. Whereas, the blended melange yarn is the one that has no different fibres mixed, but has varied coloured threads of the same type. A suitable example other than the grey melange yarn can be the bamboo yarn or a cotton dyed yarn. 

Something you should know about these eco-friendly yarns. 

Melange yarns crafted with regenerated fibres are also known as heathers. The term means an innovative and a dramatic mix of different kinds of fibres to create extraordinary textures in the end fabric that is knitted and woven from it. These yarns are popular due to their very appealing and unique appearance. The thread when woven in an attire delivers a wavy effect and the rich colour tones used makes it rich in look. And, what we really can’t miss is the smoothness of these yarns that can be felt with the touch. 

Talking about the applications, then grey melange yarns are typically used in the denim and knitwear industry. For the denim, they are mainly used in wefts, while the knitwear incorporates them for undergarments, socks, bedsheets, towels, curtains, trousers, swimwear, and t-shirts. 

Features to count on… 

  1. For fashion purposes, melange variants are used for presenting multiple colours on a single yarn, which ultimately delivers rich colour and tender texture. In simple words, it has more of an opaque cyclical effect. 
  2. Though this eco-friendly yarn is a dyed product, which states that the fibre parts are dyed before mixing into the spinning process, it is said that the process saves more than 50% of the water typically as compared to the conventional spinning process. 
  3. Last but not least, melange yarn undergoes a unique dyeing process and is highly industrial in terms of colour matching, fibre dyes, and blended textile of various fibres. 

If you are planning to buy melange wool in bulk, then always go with a premium manufacturer that follows an environmentally friendly approach and creates it with the most advanced equipment while keeping in mind the latest fashion trends. The eco-friendly yarn is suitable for textile industries which are into crafting business suits, undergarments, casual wear, formal wear, sportswear, and decorative fabrics. 

So be ready to explore the superior performance benefits of the melange yarn this festive season by giving your textile stock an update of rich material. 

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