Mindful Mamma Instils Confidence And Self-esteem In Children

Have you even pondered over what your child needs? Is it beautiful toys or the latest baby equipment? Neither! These things may make life easier for the parent and child but they are inanimate and lifeless. If your child wakes up petrified and screams for security, inanimate objects will not wrap their arms around him. He needs the warmth of his parent’s body and his mother’s arms to hug him close. He desires his parent to release his pent up stress and get rid of his fears. Security, comfort, peace and self-assurance is his need. We need to cater to it right away!

It is not immediate gratification or momentary pleasure that matters but it is bestowing the children with confidence, love and a skill set that will make them happy individuals in life. It’s the mind that has to be tweaked and prepared. And it’s a mindful mamma who will teach her child to express and exhibit love, peace and live in a state of well-being always.

Your child needs to feel secure and protected and you need to help him feel balanced and in control always. It’s a mother who needs to exercise mindfulness in the upbringing of the child to make him self-confident and strong! Most successful children have had a happy childhood so it is imperative to pay extra attention to the relationship between parent and child since day one.

Let us see how:

  1. Many mothers forget to pay attention to the small moments and joys of life. Are they wait for something dramatic to happen before responding to the calls of the child? Rather , it is better to seize the day and take the joy from each incident in life. A mindful momma cherishes each treasured moments with her child and makes sure her kid also understands and values togetherness. This inculcates confidence and a strong sense of security and self-esteem in children.
  2. Healthy boundaries have to be set for children. This is the only way they will learn how to respect the boundaries other people have set for themselves. The attention has to be focussed on the present. Daily demands need close monitoring and have to be attended to. The present is very important and a mindful momma helps the child develop nurturing relationships with his loved ones.
  3. Emotions have to be managed appropriately at all times. Aggressiveness is not acceptable but controlled anger outbursts can help vent out negative emotions. While dealing with them, keep them under acceptable limits. A mindful momma inculcates empathy, confidence and compassion for others. The child learns how to manage undue stress and live life as an emotionally balanced and well-adjusted individual.

To develop and nurture enriching relationships in life, the children have to control and manage their emotions. A mindful mamma has sound judgement and a strong sense of insight in making the people in her family, especially her children, feel safe. Her decisions are calculated and she is always encouraging growth and development opportunities for her kids.

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