5 Important Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Buyer’s Agent

The property market in Canberra is not saturated by any means and there is still enough room for everybody. From students studying in the capital to local migrants looking to start a new leaf, name it. There’s a home for different people with different undertakings in Australia’s laid back capital.

There are a number of reasons why seasoned and first time home buyers turn to a buyer’s agent for assistance and representation. Buying a house can be tricky and you need to be informed of the pros and cons to arrive at an informed decision.

So why should you hire the services of a buyer’s representative in ACT? When do you know it’s about time? Below we enumerate the reasons:

1) You are serious about buying a house

Whether you’re a repeat home buyer or a neophyte, if you are serious about purchasing property in Canberra or elsewhere, your best course of action is to look for expert advice and guidance. Buyers agents can provide you with a comprehensive list of properties that fall in line with your preferences or the qualities you’re looking for in a home. When you’re serious about buying a house, you want to best outcomes possible so you can make a final decision without hitch.

2) You are not familiar with the area

Sure, you are a local and have lived near the Central Business District growing up. However, you’re buying a house in the suburbs, in a place you are not familiar with. While you can certainly do your own research, time is of the essence and you have personal commitments to comply with. And one compact means of getting the real estate information you need? Hiring a buyer’s agent who can do market research and generate listings on your behalf.

3) Buyers Agents are Professionals

Experienced buyers representatives are always a cut above the rest. Their proven track record in makes them qualified enough to give advice and represent you in important transactions. They can also handle property purchasing processes on your behalf. You can focus on your work or personal commitment and leave the rest to them. And did you know buyer’s representatives actually have their own license?

4) Budget is a consideration

Property purchasing may take days, weeks or months. It is a rigorous process that can drain your resources if undertaken single-handedly or without support. You need all the help you can get. What better way to realign your energy than hiring the services of an independent buyer’s agent. In terms of budget, they will meet you where you are. However, outside of consultation and in certain cases, property sellers cover such fees – not the home buyer.

5) Negotiating for a win-win outcome

If there is anything buyers agents in Canberra are known for, it’s negotiating the terms and conditions of a property sale. They check and balance the agreement between buyer and seller before it is finalised, signed and sealed. Each party must be able to fulfill their part of the bargain or comply with what is explicitly stated or required by the deed of sale. Should there be clarifications or possible conflicts between parties, buyers agents step up to mediate and zoom in on win-win solutions for all.

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