Plastics Machinery Safety Standards Set by ANSI

Without question, the blow molding machine is a remarkable piece of equipment. With this, manufacturing companies can produce finished products based on the customer’s exact specifications. However, when operating any blow molding machinery, safety is paramount. For that reason, the top blow molding machine manufacturers design and develop equipment that meets high ANSI safety standards.

What Is ANSI?

ANSI, the acronym for the American National Standards Institute, is a private not-for-profit organization with the responsibility of overseeing the development of products. This includes blow molding machinery. However, it also monitors the development of services, systems, processes, and even personnel within the United States.

As the leading expert in safety product standards, it manages a voluntary system in the U.S. Although ANSI is not a government agency, it does have close ties. Overall, this organization serves as the voice when it comes to safety standards. Rather than develop standards, ANSI coordinates activities among organizations in the U.S. that do develop them.

Safety Standards for the Blow Molding Machine

Specific to blow molding machinery, ANSI standards help minimalize hazards for operators. Along with requirements that blow molding machine manufacturers must adhere to, the standards focus on the care and use of the equipment. This particular standard is a combination of two rulings, ANSI/SPI B151.15 and ANSI/SPI B151.21. Together, they give both manufacturers and operators critical safety guidelines to follow.

B11 Series

ANSI has an entire B series dedicated to the safety of blow molding machinery. B11.25, which is for a large blow molding machine, addresses unique safety requirements for machinery void of an axis of travel more than two cubic meters. B11.26, functional safety, has to do with a large number of hydraulic, electrical, and pneumatic circuit diagram requirements.

 However, there are many additional standards by which blow molding machine manufacturers must conform. For instance, B11.16 has to do with metal powder compacting presses. Only recently, both B11.0.2010 for general safety and risk assessment and B11.19.2019 for safeguarding went through a revision process to improve them.


Along with these ANSI standards for a blow molding machine are many others. Z244.1 relates to the control of hazardous energy, also referred to as a lockout. There is also a standard for packaging machinery in the form of B155.1-2011.

Buying the Safety Blow Molding Machinery

Although there are many different blow molding machine manufacturers, not all provide the same quality of equipment. Our number one goal is to provide our customers with machines that perform optimally and safely. For more information, please visit our site or give us a call.

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