Face protection: types and maintenance for welder

The personal protective equipment (PPE) are single use items intended to give protection to the worker against potential risks that could affect its integrity during the course of their work.

Occupational Health Manual

Among the PPE are face shields , elements that allow protection against the projection of particles and other foreign bodies.

To ensure effective protection against risks, face shields must remain durable and resistant to numerous actions and influences , so that their protective function is guaranteed throughout their useful life.

The choice of protective equipment will require, in any case, a broad knowledge of the workplace and its environment. Therefore, the choice must be made by trained personnel and the participation of the worker will be of paramount importance. Before purchasing a face shield, it should be tested in the workplace.

The choice of a protector against impact risks will be made according to the energy of the impact and its form of incidence (frontal, lateral, indirect, etc.). Other parameters, such as frequency of impacts or nature of the particles, will determine the need for additional characteristics such as abrasion resistance.

Types of face shields

We can find different types of facial protection equipment:

Mesh or screen type protectors.

Protectors for welding.

Protection screens

There are the following types of protection screens:

Face shield : eye protector that covers all or part of the face.

Hand Screen – Hand held face shields.

Integral face shield : eye protectors that cover the face, throat and neck, and can be worn on the head by means of a head harness or protective helmet.

Mounted face shield : this term is used when considering that eye protectors with face protection can be worn directly on the head by means of a head harness, or in conjunction with a protective helmet.

Protective screens are classified based on the following elements:

Depending on the type of frame: welding, textile with reflective coating, others.

Depending on the frame or peephole: fixed or mobile.

According to the restraint system: handheld, by harness, attached to a safety helmet, attached to a respiratory device.

Depending on the visor material: plastic, wire mesh or textile mesh.

The meshes can be made of different materials for different uses, in addition to having several types of visors attached.

The scopes are characterized by:

Screen made of polycarbonate to protect the face from bumps, particle impact, dust, sparks and chemical splashes.

Wrap-around design, provides front and side protection from forehead to chin.

UV filter.

Grooves distributed in the upper band for a firm mounting on the stand

Suitable for protection against high impacts.

The applications of the screens are multiple, from steel, mining and construction, to chemicals, hydrocarbons and electricity, among others.

Welding protectors

Made of different materials for different uses, such as arc, gas, resistance and energy beam welding. Among the welding protectors are conventional, photosensitive and welding goggles.


The lack or deterioration of visibility is a source of risk in most cases. For this reason, ensuring that this condition is met is essential. To achieve this, these elements must be cleaned daily, always proceeding in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.

In order to prevent skin diseases, the protectors must be disinfected periodically and whenever the user changes , also following the indications given by the manufacturers so that the treatment does not affect the characteristics and performance of the different elements.

Before using the protectors, a visual examination of them should be carried out, checking that they are in good condition. If any element is damaged or deteriorated, it must be replaced and, if this is not possible, the complete equipment must be put out of use.

Indicators of deterioration can be: yellow coloration of the eyepieces, superficial scratches on the eyepieces and tears, etc.

To achieve good conservation, the equipment will be stored, when not in use, clean and dry in its corresponding cases. If they are removed for brief moments, care will be taken not to leave them in position with the eyepieces down, in order to avoid scratches.

It will be supervised that the moving parts of the protectors have smooth operation. The adjustable elements or those that serve to adjust positions must be able to be retained at the desired points without wear or aging causing them to become dislodged or detached.

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