What makes the DIGITRAC tractors better than the best? A Customer’s Guide

There has been a recent surge in the popularity of the tractor brand DIGITRAC. People who are familiar with the brand and what it is bringing to the table know the reason behind this sudden increase in popularity. However, this article is for the ones who are wondering why more and more people are warming up to the idea of choosing DIGITRAC for all their agricultural needs.

Keeping up with the times, DIGITRAC has ensured that each and everyone is able to access their array of products and avail their tractor service by bringing their services and products to the online platform through their website and the DIGITRAC app.

Highlights of DIGITRAC tractors – What makes them so desirable

Now, addressing the primary concern – what makes DIGITRAC tractors better than others? Well, there are a number of things. Apart from the fact that they come in three colour variants that are all equally attractive to look at and the fact that they are extremely economically priced for the features and specifications that they are packing, there are a few really cool specs that we shall be highlighting in this section of the article:

  1. Power – Indian terrain and style of agriculture calls for a lot of power under the hood and that is exactly what DIGITRAC is offering. Their models pack anywhere between 47HP@2000RPM and 60HP@2200RPM. This means that DIGITRAC tractors would have absolutely no problem in carrying out heavy-duty activities and effortlessly, that too.
  2. Dual Clutch – A fact that is often overlooked is fuel efficiency. People are of the opinion that being fuel-economic is something that only cars need to be. However, tractors tend to consume a lot of oil. Having dual clutch not only helps the commander of the vehicle but also makes the vehicle a lot more fuel-efficient, overall, thus saving you heavy costs.
  3. Gearboxes – When it comes to heavy machinery like tractors, the more gearboxes that you have, the easier it is to commandeer it and use it to your advantage and to its fullest potential. With DIGITRAC’s tractor models, you get 8 forward and 2 rear constant mesh gearboxes which automatically allow you the freedom to get more done. Also, it makes it more convenient for the commander of the tractor to drive it without having to worry about transitions.
  4. Heavy Hydraulic Lift Capacity – A tractor might be required to carry heavy loads back from the agricultural fields and for that it needs to have a decent heavy hydraulic lift capacity. A lot of tractors have commendable capacities but none of them are as impressive as the range of heavy hydraulic lift capacity that DIGITRAC’s tractors are offering – 1800kg – 2000kg. That is a substantially large capacity when it comes to heavy hydraulic lift capacity. If you are paying a huge sum of money then you better ensure that your tractor has a high heavy hydraulic lift capacity.
  5. Reduction – Unlike most other tractors doing rounds of the Indian market, DIGITRAC’s tractor models come equipped with either helical bull reduction or EPI reduction, which incidentally happens to be the most advanced and powerful form of reduction found in tractors currently.
  6. Balanced Power Steering – Another great feature of DIGITRAC’s tractors is that they all come with balanced power steering which means that hydraulic fluid is equally distributed when the power steering is turned either way. Not a lot of tractors have this but DIGITRAC doesn’t manufacture just any tractor.
  7. Care 24X7 – The greatest thing about DIGITRAC’s tractors is also their post-sale services. Unlike other tractor companies, DIGITRAC maintains a healthy relation with their customers and their Care 24X7 feature allows the customers to get in touch with the customer service wing of the company with just a touch of a button.

These are 7 unique features that you get if you purchase a digitrac tractor. If you think you will have to burn a hole in your pocket to acquire these, then you could not be more mistaken. They are all quite fairly priced. Download Digitrac tractor mobile app today.

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