Introduction to the DIGITRAC App – The Most Complete Agricultural App in India

For long, the country has been deprived of a dependable and all-round complete agricultural app that is dedicated to everything that a farmer might want for or have a need for. A dedicated agricultural app is what India has been missing for so long, even though we have apps for almost all services and products. This needed to be changed at the earliest and thanks to DIGITRAC change is here and here to stay.

DIGITRAC is a young brand that is beginning to make quite a name for itself in the Indian market. It comes from a really well-respected and admired tractor engineering company that existed in the early 1960’s by the name of Escorts. DIGITRAC happens to be a young subsidiary of the same name that pioneered futuristic tractor model manufacturing and helped in advancement of a-grade engineering and craftsmanship of tractors. Much like the parent company, DIGITRAC has made some major upgrades to the Indian tractors and has presented some of the most high-end and top-of-the-line tractor models that the Indian farmers are really grateful for and can access through their tractor mobile app.

What makes DIGITRAC the most favoured tractor company?

DIGITRAC is a company that was established with the purpose of bring ease and comfort to the Indian farmers and giving them the tools to work longer but easier and reap more than they sow in the positive sense of the phrase. The three pillars on which the company stands and bases its policies are three-fold: 1. Maintain transparency and keep the relations between them and their customers, crystal clear every step of the way. 2. Make advancements in engineering and improve their quality of products and the efficiency of their services. 3. Bringing comfort and convenience to the lives of every single Indian farmer who avails the services or buys the DIGITRAC tractors.

The DIGITRAC services

DIGITRAC is offering a wide range of services to their prospective customers that can help make their lives a lot easier. Apart from providing the Indian people with state-of-the-art DIGITRAC tractors, the company is also providing impeccable tractor services. Some of these services are as follows:

  1. Tractor Insurance – Insuring your tractor is probably the first thing you should do right after you purchase your tractor so as to keep you from incurring repetitive costs that drain you. Tractor is heavy machinery that is used in more ways than one when it comes to agricultural activities. Having tractor insurance is just good sense because that way, you are protected from all those costs and all wear and tear, spare parts, replacements, etc. will be taken care of by the company.
  2. Tractor Loans – It can be financially burdening for the farmers to purchase a new tractor. Thanks to DIGITRAC tractor loans, they can do it by simply downloading the app.

Other prominent and mention-worthy services offered by DIGITRAC include doorstep demos of tractor, tractor evaluation services, tractor servicing, etc.


The DIGITRAC tractors are fully rigged to outlast and outperform most other Indian tractors. Here are the specs:

  1. Extremely powerful engines (47HP@2000RPM, 50HP@1850RPM and 60HP@2200RPM)
  2. Dual Clutch
  3. 540+MRPTO
  4. Live ADDC
  5. QRC with Double Acting Spool Valve
  6. Heavy Hydraulic Lift Capacities ranging from 1800kgs – 2000kgs
  7. Helical Bull Pinion Reduction or EPI Reduction
  8. 8 forward + 2 reverse constant mesh gearboxes
  9. Balanced Power Steering

It is safe to say that DIGITRAC is the future of Indian agriculture. So download DIGITRAC’s tractor buying app today and unlock a new world full of possibilities.

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