What makes DIGITRAC that all-rounder in tractor service and manufacturing? Know your brand

DIGITRAC is a company that was established with the motive of making lives easier for the Indian farmers. They are a group of extremely advanced and proficient tractor manufacturers who have revolutionized the tractor manufacturing industry and their multi-faceted tractor services have endeared them to the Indian mass in a matter of days.

DIGITRAC is on the rise and their customer base is increasing exponentially – this is not just because their tractors are mostly better-equipped and come with far better specs but because they know how to take care of prospective customers and the existing ones, i.e. they provide prompt and coherent tractor services as well.

In this article, we shall shed light on some of these services that DIGITRAC is providing so that people who are still not as familiar with the brand name, get to know more about the brand. DIGITRAC has grown and matured into the perfect and really desirable agricultural giant with their own app to facilitate the buying of products and for availing a tractor service.

The various DIGITRAC tractor services that you can avail – The DIGITRAC app

The DIGITRAC app is a really convenient way for the prospective customers and the farmers to reach out to the DIGITRAC company to purchase their products and avail their services. This is a great initiative by the company that allows the farmers and other prospective customers to purchase products or avail tractor services, right from the comfort of their homes.

Buying a tractor is financially draining and there is no refuting that. However, sometimes, farmers do not have the financial means to purchase a tractor. They have to go and approach a bank to explain their situation and after going through a heap of paperwork and formalities, they are fronted the loan that allows them to purchase the tractor but the repayment schemes are too overwhelming and they feel snowed under. It takes a toll on their physical and mental well-being. However, with DIGITRAC, the farmers can get a loan really easily. All they need to do is download the DIGITRAC app, fill out the details and with minimum paperwork, the company disburses the loan to the customers that comes with easy payment schemes.

Another great service that DIGITRAC offers is buy tractor insurance online. Heavy machinery like tractors need to insured because they are subjected to heavy duty activities that require them to be pushed beyond their limits. Wear and tear and breakdown of machinery and tractors is common. Covering the cost of repairs can be quite overbearing for the farmers who barely make enough to make a living. That is why, DIGITRAC is offering tractor insurance through the DIGITRAC app that allows them to insure their tractors in a few simple steps and gives the farmers the peace of mind that they need to keep working.

There aren’t a lot of tractor manufacturers who provide pre-sales and post-sales services to their customers with the same zeal and sincerity. However, DIGITRAC is not most other company. They ensure that their customers are always happy with their products and services. If you want a demo of how to operate your new DIGITRAC tractor, want to evaluate your old tractor or want your tractor serviced – you can have all these services delivered to your, right to your doorstep and putting the current circumstances in perspective, it is a well thought-of and strategic step that has been taken up by DIGITRAC after some deliberation for the benefit of the people.

The DIGITRAC app opens doors to a whole other world of possibilities that allows you to avail tractors services, purchase tractors, implements, accessories and tractor spare parts, right from your home. What a company brings to the table says a lot about who they are and DIGITRAC sure is making a great impression. Download the app now.

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