How to choose the perfect T Shirt for yourself?

At least one pair of T-shirts can be found in any person’s wardrobe, regardless of his or her age, gender, status and hobbies. After all, this element of clothing is an integral part of almost any casual look, and is also appreciated by lovers of sports and physical activity for comfort and simplicity. However, t-shirts are different. In order for a new purchase not to turn up after the first wash, you should make the purchase wise.

Tees for doctors can be worn everywhere: at work and at home, on vacation and in the country, even to sleep. But each of these desires requires its own shirt, the main thing is to choose it correctly.

  1. First of all, pay attention to the inside of the T-shirt. Carefully inspect all interior and finishing seams: straight, clear and even indicates high -quality sewing, but from buying things with crooked seams, in some places missed or decorated with protruding threads, on the other hand, you should reject. A T-shirt that sits well on someone looks better than a lively or overly tight one. If you don’t know your size, take a look at your old things sitting on you. Consulting the seller in the store will also help in this case.
  2. Fabric quality is another criterion when choosing a T-shirt. Fleecy, coarse or loose tissue is quickly covered with spools, too thin is easy to tear. The best fabrics are made from combined yarn. It is the highest grade yarn made of expensive types of long fiber cotton. The thin and delicate fabric, however, is strong enough and maintains a presentable look for a long time. This applies both to the material itself from which it is made, as well as the processing of the seams and the applied pattern. The material should look presentable, all the seams are properly processed, the protruding threads are a sign of the manufacturer’s unfair attitude in their work. 
  3. You can determine the quality of the fabric not only by pressing. Hide the fabric slightly and look at it in the light. A quality canvas that evenly transmits light. But replacing dark areas and too bright areas indicates a low yarn quality.
  4. Don’t forget to check the t-shirt for symmetry. Fold it in half, aligning the sleeves. The test is passed if they are completely consistent with each other. But the thing, one of the sleeves of which is fixed on top of the other, is not worth buying. After the first wash, the shoulder seam will be chaotic, the difference will be noticeable, and the fabric will stretch. Also, pay attention to the length of the front of the shirt and back. If a difference is seen between them, you should decline this purchase.
  5. Choose a suitable style. A classic cut Tees for Nurse is ideal for sports or walking. The appropriate model will emphasize the curves of the figure and complement the casual look. And for a party you can choose a t-shirt of an unusual cut, for example, with a lower shoulder. Decorated with rhinestones or sequins, it will help to attract attention.

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