What Makes Go Auto Insurance Different and Better

Finding an auto insurance company that actually suits everybodys needs can be quite tricky. You can always find agents indeed, but a captive agent tends to persuade you to purchase coverage policies from the company that he/she works for. The agent gets commission when finally a customer does make the purchase. An independent agent is a safer bet since you can consult or ask for suggestions and advices about anything, but there is certainly additional fee for such services. If you live in Arkansas, Go Auto Insurance is one of few companies that use no-commissioned agents to minimize such additional cost. It sounds simple, but auto insurance is not actually an inexpensive expenditure for most, so the possibility to eliminate extra fees is always a good thing.

Go Auto Insurance is probably not the biggest name in the industry, but there are some good reasons for that. It is a privately-held company, which is similar to most small businesses. In fact, it is a family-oriented car insurance company, but it does not necessarily mean that the company is a small one; with 48 branch stores or offices spread across Arkansas, Go Auto Insurance is certainly one of the easiest to find in the state.

Unlike those companies whose shares are owned by the public and managed by some shareholders, Go Auto Insurance does not offer the shares in the stock market. It means the company has no obligation to regularly make reports of their financial conditions to the shareholders. Also, any changes in the companys policies, decisions, or services can be implemented immediately since it is not necessary to wait for shareholders approval. The company has much greater flexibility in terms decision making, so there is no delays in case significant action is immediately required. Instead of focusing on quarterly earnings, Go Auto Insurance can emphasize on improving quality on its car insurance services. This particular form of organization tends to be better, especially when the company works by selling services, for example car insurance.

Another good reason is that Go Auto Insurance sells only car insurance, without any bundling option with other types of coverage policies. Therefore, the entire procedures from asking for quotes to filing claims are more easily implemented and detailed, and this is good for both the company and the customers. The coverage options, although they have to comply with Arkansas DMV indeed, are more customizable compared to those offered by companies that have bundling options. Especially for customers, the company has less control over the claims because there are no restrictions due to other types of coverage policies included in any bundle.

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