Things to Consider When Selecting an Auto Repair Facility from Y & S Auto Body


Stability: Finding an auto body shop that has been in the same location for multiple years ensures that the company is reliable and not some fly by night company. Remaining in the same location is the sign of an excellent company that is a positive member and contributor to their community.

Multiple Locations: Having multiple locations allows for customer convenience, especially for those customers that cannot drive out to the body shop location. This is also a sign of a growing company experiencing due to its strong following and inherent excellent reputation.

Family Owned: A body shop that is family owned and operated will be trustworthy and honest because family owned businesses are strong participants in their community and offer many benefits and discounts to their loyal patrons. These businesses are typically very flexible and willing to always work with their customers. Servicing the same clientele from generation to generation is a strong sign of a well recognized and trustworthy company. Referrals from within the community as well as within families highlight a companys solid reputation.
Quality Control: There should always be some sort of mechanism at every critical point in the repair process eliminates wasted time and helps increase vehicle turnaround and efficiency. Without the proper quality control the body shop will be disorganized and chaotic. Having a system in place to manage this eliminates many problems automotive shops face.

Certification: Seeking out a body shop with certified mechanics eliminates the risk of having ill prepared mechanics working on your vehicle. Specialty certifications from auto manufacturers, such as the Jaguar Aluminum Certification, require special individual certifications, an investment in tools and a specially designated and isolated area to conduct aluminum repairs. Aluminum repairs require special certification as well as many other certifications that are necessary got a body shop to properly operate.

Direct Repair Facility (DRP): DRP for many of the most popular auto insurance companies enables an auto repair shop to start the process of estimation and repair immediately without the wasted time of waiting for the insurance company to come on site. This is a DRP relationship that takes years to achieve and continued customer satisfaction to maintain.

Experience: Trained body shop technicians with the highest level of certifications as well as a continued education program to keep them up to date with the latest methods and vehicle changes. Every vehicle is different in some way or form and each model from different years has slight changes. This requires mechanics and body shop workers to continue their education so as to not fall behind with the technology.

Best Practices: The use of best practices ensures the success of each repair job, while providing top notch customer service. Following the best practices is imperative to the success of any business.

Communication and Technology: Body shops should use industry standard enterprise software applications to monitor the activity of each automobile through the entire repair process. This increases communications from the car repair shop to the customer. The body shop and the insurance company should always be involved with one another. This will shorten the time to repair the vehicle and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction

Satisfaction: Sincere desire to provide 100% customer satisfaction on every job no matter how large or small. Seeking out a body shop that is focused on the customer rather than themselves is vital when searching for a body shop. Trained, courteous and knowledgeable customer service representatives and estimators ensure that each and every customer is completely satisfied.

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