Pros And Cons Of Buying Used Golf Course Mowers

Jacobsen is a globally famous brand known for delivering exceptional quality in golf course maintenance equipment. From 1921, this company was manufacturing mowing equipment for residential and commercial purposes. With 100 years of experience, the company has to come out clean at its tagline “OUR ONLY JOB IS TO MAKE YOURS EASIER”. You can visit their official website to explore the latest models of Jacobsen golf course mowers in four different categories i.e. 

  • Greens Mowers
  • Fairway Mowers
  • Walk-behind greens mowers 
  • Rough & trim mowers 

Buying all of them in brand new condition is challenging because of the high price tags. Therefore, the market of pre-owned golf course maintenance equipment came into existence. Used golf course maintenance equipment is affordable but they also have some negative sides. Here we are going to elaborate on considerable pros and cons. Please take a look.

Pros of buying used golf course maintenance equipment

  1. Convenient to buy all equipment together

Along with Jacobsen golf course mowers, you also need various other equipment such as a dethatcher, sprayer, utility vehicle, hazards cutter and top dresser etc. if some of them are purchased from the used equipment section, the budget will be easily adjustable. 

  1. Options of multiple brands under one roof

Instead of sticking with just one brand, you will have options to choose between multiple models of the same category. A renowned used golf course maintenance equipment seller will have mowers of different brands. Also, their working condition differs from each other. After doing a thorough comparison, you can find a perfectly working model at an affordable price. 

  1. Accountability of supplier 

It is the responsibility of a supplier to pass the equipment through all quality checks before putting on sale. Reliable sellers also offer a warranty of 3-6 months against technical faults. 

Cons of buying used golf course maintenance equipment 


  1. No 100% quality assurance

Despite getting a warranty from the seller, you cannot blindly trust used golf mowers. What if they stopped working after expiring the warranty period. In that case, the repair and replacement of parts can be very expensive. 

  1. Difficulty in finding spare parts 

Some used equipment discontinued by the company available at the used equipment seller’s websites. If you bought something like that, finding spare parts may be the hardest thing. 

Buy used golf course maintenance equipment if you are sure about the credibility of a seller. Also, check all technical specifications and usage details carefully before placing an order. 

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